How many calories is a morgan diet

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Merab Morgan of North Carolina restricted herself to only 1,400 calories/day. Herr plan was to eat at McDonalds three times every day. Over the course of her three-month diet, Morgan lost a little more than 30 pounds. [ Source: ]
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How many calories in captain morgan and diet coke??
1.25 oz shot of Captain Morgan equals 75 calories. Diet Coke is zero carloies.
How Many Calories Are In Captain Morgan Spiced Rum?
1oz of pure alcohol has 64 calories; so I would say approximately around 100-150 for the Captain per oz. That is of course straight, no soda or anything.
How much sugar is in captain morgan’s?’s
i want to know how much sugar is in all liquor as well as how many calories

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Does anybody know how many calories are in a shot of Captain Morgan?
Q: Im dieting and switching from beer to liquor when I drink. Just wondering. Thanks
A: check out this site. theyve got all the answers
How many calories are in hard liqour drinks?
Q: My boyfriend swears up and down theres no calories in hard alcohol. I think he’s full of shit and want to prove it to him. So what kind of coloric intake is there in jack daniels, jose cuervo, captain morgan, and parrot bay (coconut) thats what we drink. I’m trying to go on a diet and he swears these drinks dont effect me as long as i drink them with diet coke and not regular. i say horse sh*t. what do you think?also, if theres websites that prove how many calories are in each beverage, I’d like to see them so I can show them to him. Thanks!
A:, yes, there are a lot of calories in liquor.
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