How many calories is watermelon

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In 1 cup of diced watermelon there are 46 calories and 1g fiber, 1g protein. Watermelon is high in Vit A and Vit C, and is very filling for the number of calories in it. 242 242 [ Source: ]
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Calories in watermelon The calorie content varies according to how the watermelon is served. Here are some examples of servings: ・ Approx 9 calories in one ounce (28g) of watermelon ・ Approx 37 calories in 10 watermelon balls (about 4.3…
Watermelon does have about 40 calories per cup. It is also 92 percent water, is mildly diuretic, has healthy amounts of beta carotene and lycopene. A great summer food that is healthy and low in calories…enjoy! Jan http://www.wellness-and…
Watermelon consists mainly of water, so there is very little caloric intake, and there are things in it that are good for you too.

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How many calories does watermelon have?
Q: I’m kinda on a diet and wanna know how much calories water melon has? Not if you eat the whole watermelon in one sitting by yourself but just to have a couple servings or so? Thanks.
A: Approximately 1 cup of diced watermelon has 50 calories.
How many calories does a watermelon have??
Q: ok .. i ate the whole watermelon which weighted about 15lbs is it good or bad for my health .. i want to know how many calories it has so i can cut down to my other food .. please help
A: It would entirely depend on the sugar content of that particular melon. But since watermelon is mostly water, I wouldn’t worry about it–15 lbs of it notwithstanding! site says almost 49 calories per cup. For a 15 lb melon this would be about 20 cups of fruit. So even that amount isn’t too bad–around 1000 calories total. Are you REALLY still hungry with 15 lbs of watermelon in your stomach?
How many calories , grams of sugar , and fat are in watermelon ?
Q: How many calories are in a watermelon slice ? I’m guessing there’s no fat , but idk ! And sugar ? Anybody know ? Thanks !
A: Like 3grams each 1/16 peice.
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