How many grams of protein in a hard boiled egg

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On large hard boiled egg has 6 grams of protein. [ Source: ]
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How much protein is in an egg?
There are about six grams of protein in your average ‘large egg’. Most of that protein is in the egg white. Some people who worry about eating too much fat and cholesterol will just eat the whites (which is the main ingredient in egg substi…
How many protein in an egg?
A whole egg contains approximately 6g of protein and egg white in particular contains about 3.5 g of protein
How much protein is in one boiled egg?
A large one has around 6-8grams of protein.

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How many calories does an average hard boiled egg have?
Q: And how many grams of fat and protein?
A: About 90 to 100 calories, very low in fat, I’m not sure about protein.
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