How many pieces are in a loaf of bread

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It varies depending on the brand or kind of bread. Most loaves have 15-18 pieces. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many pieces of bread is in a loaf?
It depends on how big the loaf is and how thick the slices are
Do you eat the end pieces of a loaf of bread?
I also refer to that portion of the loaf as a heel. I think I picked it up in Florida since in the wilds of Northeast Georgia we always used the term “end piece” as the norm. That said, I enjoy the heel, especially from a good hom…
What are the 2 end pieces of a loaf of bread called??
This will be no help to you, but in my family the word was “grunchsteak.” I don’t think I’ve heard it anywhere else. Since I’ve never seen it in writing, I don’t know how to spell it or whether it’s one word or two. I believe it c…

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How many pieces of bread in a loaf?
A: In the average dutch loaf its about 20-25 pieces. (factory cut bread) But there is a lot of kinds and fors of bread. so just try it yourself on your own kond of bread
How many slices of come in a standard loaf of bread including the end pieces?
A: I actually counted once. It was a loaf of Safeway white bread, unopened. With the end pieces I counted 21. How do you make sandwiches with an odd number of pieces? Then again, it was cheap, and it was Safeway.
How many pieces of bread are in a loaf?
A: What size of loaf did you have in mind. Mass produced and sliced, thin or Texas toast style. If you have a freshly baked loaf in mind like French Bread or Italian, I wouldn’t know how thick you would be cutting the slices or would you have the bakery use a machine to cut it for you thick or thin slices..Perhaps with more details I could have answered your question.
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