How many weight watcher points can you eat in a day

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You will be assigned a target daily Points value that is customized for you, and they will help you design a long term plan to lose weight. [ Source: ]
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How many weight watcher points can i eat a day?
I don’t know how stones convert to pounts but I am also 40 years old, 5’2″ and about 190lbs. My daily points are 23. Hope that helps.
How many points can i eat a day on weight watchers??
It is not quite that simple to figure out but I love the weight watcher program I think it is the best out there. I was given a 26 pt limit I think the last time I followed the program. Things have been to tough $$$ wise for me to get back …
How many points can i eat per day of weight watchers??
More information would be need like your height to determine if any weight loss was necessary. You don’t need weight watcher at this age. Make healthy food choices and avoid fast food. You are still growing at 15 and need to eat a proper di…

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How many weight watcher points can I eat a day?
Q: I am a girl. I am 5’4. I weigh 195. && I wanna loose weight a girl actually has aweight watchers chart but I catn tell if you are EX: 195 you can 24 or if you want to be 195 then you eat 24
A: you have to eat the ammount the book tells you to eat for your current weight. then as you loose weight you eat less points. You have to make sure you eat all your points in a day so it works right for you. i am on weight watchers to. I have lost 6 pounds so far! Good luck I hope you do great!!!!!
Does anyone know where I can find out how to calculate how many weight watchers points I can eat per day?
Q: I can only seem to find out how to calculate points on food, no information on how many points allowed per day, any help with cool websites regarding weight watchers would be awesome. Thanks
A: I think they keep that info secret so you have to attend a meeting and sign up to get it.I’d go on Craigslist and look for their weightloss journals for sale. You should be able to find them for around $10 – $15.Or, post on here your height, weight and body fat percentage and someone might be able to tell you.
How many calories/weight watcher points must I consume each day to lose weight?
Q: I used to be on weight watchers, and I was eating about 24 points a day. I’ve recently begun taking an appetite suppressent. I was surprised that it not only works, but works *amazingly*. I’m only eating about 400-800 calories a day, usually not because I’m hungry but because my fiancée makes me.I don’t know if this will actually make me lose weight though, because I thought I needed a certain amount of calories to lose weight.I’m not concerned with what a recommended diet would say. I want to know if I can lose weight consuming 900 or fewer calories a day.I am really not interested in hearing anyone preach to me. Suppressents are what work with my busy schedule. Please, just answer the question about calories and leave everything else at the door.Giving me a lecture won’t get you voted best answer.
A: you cold lose like 400-500 in one day and eat less like u do right now
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