How much caffine would it take to kill you

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They do not give the amount of Zoloft, or any drug, to cause an overdose on the internet. That would be too dangerous because it would give people too much information and may cause more harm than good. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How much caffine will it take to kill you?
You could drink 2279.55 glasses of Chocolate Milk before croaking. I wonder what would happen if I only had 2279 glasses, think I could recover if I skipped that last half a glass?
How much caffeine would it take to kill you?
September 1st, 2005 at 9:19 pm I beg to differ, for centuries, problems of mankind have been solved over a cup of tea. Whether they were problems between nations, between businesses, even in families between husbands and wives, tea has been…
How much caffeine does it take to kill someone?
More than 10 grams of caffeine is lethal, or the equivalent of 80 to 100 cups of coffee at one sitting. so if you can drink that much 😛

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If SWIM(someone who isnt me) took an adderall, how much caffine could they take before it became very dangerou?
Q: If SWIM(someone who isnt me) took an adderall, that they have a prescription and good tolerance too, how much caffine could they take beforre it killed them.If SWIM(someone who isnt me) took an adderall, how much caffine could they take before it killed them. (20mg adderall)(20mg adderall) (no doze for caffine)
A: It depends on the mg of Adderall taken. It can be anywhere from 5mg to 30mg of Adderall xr. Those are the mg tablets they range from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. The max dose is 90 per day, usually 30 at a time. I would guess that if they took the 90 dose, it’s not a set number of cups of coffee, the Adderall alone could enduce a heart attack. One cup could and ten cups could not. Overall, if you’re taken a medicine that you’re not familiar with or if you’re question the consumption of caffeine, it’s best not to intake it at all.
Will 25,000mg of caffine kill a man weighing 150lb?
Q: I am making a table for my website and I though this would be an interesting fact for it. Does anyone know?
A: I think you will go into to cardiac arrest. Your heart will beat so fast & you may have a heart attack.
Can you die from too much caffine?
Q: I already know I wont be able to stay awake during class tomorrow, so I planned to drink a pespi max and coffee. I know it maybe be a bit much for a 13 year old but I need it. Will this kill me? I am not trying to kill myself trust me.
A: My husband owns a small trucking company, short hauls, no Over the Road. He had one driver, in this past year, who went to drinking nothing but “energy drinks” loaded with caffeine, we have no idea why. Anyway, one day he got really sick at work and had to leave and go to the doc. He thought he was having a heart attack. He was okay that day but the doc did bloodwork and asked him about his diet and what he drank. When his Blood panel came back in they immediately called him at work and told him, DO NOT DRINK CAFFEINE, EVER AGAIN! You have ruined your body by drinking too much. It caused heart damage, and kidney and liver damage. He can NEVER drink any caffeine ever again. So, everything in moderation. But at 13, if you are having problems sleeping, talk to your parents and get something that may actually help with your problem. Please never self medicate.
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