How much fiber should you eat in a day

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It is recommended that you intake between 25-30 g of fiber per day. ChaCha again later! [ Source: ]
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How much fiber should you eat a day?
Most nutrition experts recommend that most adults consume 25-35 grams of dietary fiber daily. Some nutrition experts recommend even more fiber: 35-45 grams daily. Fiber is necessary to stimulate the wavelike contractions that move food thro…
How much fiber should i eat a day?
The American Diabetic Association as well as other associations recommends that you take in 25-35 grams of fiber each day. The average American takes in an average of 15 grams per day. If you increase your intake of fiber daily, its recomme…
Which foods are naturally high in fiber and how much fiber should…?
Hello Audrey! Thank you for your nutrition question. The average person should get about 25 grams of fiber daily. However, most only get about 10 on average. Fiber is the part of the plant foods that cannot be digested by humans. It is foun…

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How much fiber should one eat in a day?
Q: jaust wonderin. I don’t think I even eat that much.
A: The current recommendation is 1 gram of fiber per 100 calories. So if you are on a 2,000-calorie diet, you need 20 grams of fiber per day.
Healthy dieting… how much protien/fiber ect should you eat a day?
Q: I’ve lost 20 pounds this summer! I would like to loose another 10 to reach my goal… I don’t want to crash diet or anything like that… but I would like to cut my calories to the bare minimum for the remainder of my summer.. while making sure I am still eating my daily intake of protein/fiber ect… (what else should i be watching?)Could anyone tell me what the body’s requirements are for these? i think fiber is around 30 grams? how much protein does the body need? and what else should i make sure that I eat in a day? I take a good multivitamin, and fish oil… b12, echinachea… any SAFE natural diet – type supplements that you suggest to help me loose the last 10?ohh yeah.. and i’ve read that the body needs 600-700 calories a day to stay out of malnutrition… If i get my fiber/protein and everything i NEED with 700 calories, is that okay? (i don’t want to do this long term, just for the last weekish of august 🙂 )eh.. the low calorie thing was just an idea.. wasn’t sure about the metabolism thing.. good to know.I guess i should just stick with whats already working…
A: But eating 600- 700 calories will kill your metabolism dead. Anything below 800cal is starvation. 1200calories is recommended to keep things functioning WELL. 1000 is usually the lowest you are supossed to go.If you are going to go through with this, make sure it is long term. No longer than a week. You may end up putting weight on after the short term diet due to metabolism shut down.18g of fibre is the RDA and 45g of protein is common.
how much fiber should I eat per day?
A: okay. it all depends on how many calories a day you eat. Its approximately 1 gram for every 100 calories. For Example:1500 calories= 15 grams2000 calories= 20 grams2500 calories= 25 grams3000 calories= 30 grams
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