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How much do the NASCAR drivers make per year?
It basically depends on who you are, your skills, and who you drive for. The drivers get most of their money from sponsors. For example, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was said to make 40 million dollars per year just from being on the front of Coca-C…
How much are abortions?
The actual cost to you will depend on whether you have medical insurance. Weeks Procedure Fee Rhogam (only if indicated) Up to 8 abortion pill $445 $30 6 to 11 Vacuum aspiration $340* $30 12 Vacuum aspiration $490 $30 13 Vacuum aspiration $…
Is it possible to drink too much water?
Hi Heather, It *is* possible to drink too much water (if you drink a very large amount in a short period of time it can actually be life threatening). I am not surprised that you are in the bathroom a lot, drinking over a gallon a day. This…

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How much is the Verizon Wireless Blackberry Tour data plan cost?
Q: & what does it include? Texting, apps, email, aim/instant messaging, internet? Is that the whole data plan? Or, do you have to pay for the data plan & then also pay for unlimited texting?
A: data/intnernet is about 30 bucks.texting is like 15 unlimited.
How many people think that a Lexus is underrated?
Q: I think there is so much emphasis on European luxury cars that most people fail to appreciate the beauty and quality of a Lexus. They are cheaper than other luxury cars in their class and have similar options plus they are reliable.
A: I drive a Lexus IS300 and I too, think they are underrated, but that’s ok. It makes me a unique driver because I see through all the hype and hoopla that the European cars are trying to throw at the consumer. My car is 3 years old since I bought it brand new and I haven’t had a single issue with it. I love it to death!
How much of an issue is sexual assault in prison? (serious question)?
Q: I’m not trying to be funny or anything. It’s just that on tv shows and stuff I always see people making fun of how people get raped in prison. I even know a guy whos in prison right now so I’m kind of scared. So is this whole idea of being raped in prison as common as the media makes it sound? Thanks.
A: Yes, it is. After all, how many times would you have to raped before it’s an “issue” for you??? Also, AIDS is rampant in prison, they’re not big on condoms there.
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