How much weight do you lose when you poop

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Hmm, well this depends on the person, how much they’ve eaten, and how much, um, “bowl movement” their body produces. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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When you poop do you lose weight?
yes but not permently you gain back the weight when you eat so i wouldnt be heading to the toilet when you wanna look skinner.

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When you lose weight is your poop a diferent consistancy from the fat coming out?
Q: Or do you poop more frequently?
A: When u diet u poop less. In general, less in=less out. So increase ur fiber intake as much as u can!
Do I lose weight when I poop?
Q: I’m exercising and eating better while breastfeeding but I was wondering when does the weight come off? Does it come off when I sweat, in the shower, when I’m sleep, or when I poop? Is it a combination of all? I know I can’t lose it all at once but I want to see some difference, even if it’s in my pants.
A: you weight when you body has to burn fat cells to make energy . so to lose weight you have to use more calories that you eat
Do you lose weight when you go poop?
Q: I have always wondered if going poop makes you lose weight. Because if it does couldn’t you just eat tons of foods that make you go poo and then lose weight>>>thanks to all the SERIOUS answers
A: You can’t just “poop out” all of your fat, but obviously you weigh less after you poop.To your more interesting question “couldn’t you just eat tons of foods that make you go poo and then lose weight”, the answer is in fact yes — but for a non-obvious reason: Foods that make you go poo tend to be healthier (high fiber –> low fat, unprocessed) to begin with! High fiber content is what tends to facilitate the pooping, and high fiber is found in foods like beans, then certain veggies, then some fruits.Be careful, though, as you increase your fiber content because gas might precede the solids!
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