How to loose weight in one day

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Loosing weight takes time, to begin loosing weight in one day you can start with a total body cleanse and detox routine. Thanks! [ Source: ]
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How You Loose Weight In One Day
Do you need to quickly loose weight in one day? You’re not by yourself. It’s a very common occurrence when people want or need to drop a few pounds in 1 day, but is it really possible? Is it really healthy to do so? You will see it is …
Can you loose weight by only eating one meal per day??
Not much. Your body will go into starvation mode. You’re better off eating more often. Eat less, move more. Eat four to six meals a day with breakfast being the largest and dinner the smallest. Eat the majority of your calories earlier in t…
Is there a way you can loose weight in one day?
sorry, but any weight loss in one day is a water loss caused by dehydration not a fat loss- it takes about 3,500 calories to make a lb of fat and it takes a minus 3,500 calories to loss it- this can’t be done in one day.

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Will I loose weight from one day of starvation?
Q: I don’t want to loose weighti just kind of want to cleanse my system because i’ve finally gained the weight i want and i want to kindof restart my systemwill i loose any weight from one day of not eating?
A: you will lose weight but it will be all water weight and you will gain it right back the second you drink some water.
Can i gain weight one day and loose fat the next?
Q: I am 17 years old and at the moment i have very strong and toned arms that could stand to get a little bigger, but i still have chest and stomach fat to loose. So my question is if i do weights a triceps,biceps day and increase my calorie intake on that day so that only my arms grow, whereas the rest of the week i have a calorie defict so that i loose fat on my body, will i gain size on my arms while continuing to loose fat on my body or will it cancel out?
A: Try the Baby Jack workout
how much calorie one should burn in a day to loose weight?
Q: i m18yr old suggest me some exercise to looe weight on arms? n some healthy foods which don’t contain fat
A: How many calories you need to burn in a day depends on how many you eat.If you’re cutting down your caloric intake, you will need to burn fewer calories in exercise.Your calorie deficit needs to be 500 cals a day to lose a pound a week.Find how many calories you NEED to live (your BMR): this by your normal activity amount (your job, etc., not your exercise): will tell you how many calories you need to maintain your current weight.Your calorie deficit is the combination of diet (how many fewer calories you eat than your daily needs) and your exercise amount.Example:I have a BMR of about 1680. I’m sedentary, so I multiply that by 1.2 and get 2016. To lose one pound a week, I need to eat 500 fewer calories a day (1516 calories), exercise and burn 500 calories a day while eating my 2016 calories, or a combination of reducing calories and burning through exercise.Hope this isn’t too technical! If it is, you can go to and sign up – if you put in your information and weight loss goals, it’ll calculate your daily caloric needs.To lose weight (I assume you mean fat?) on your arms, you have to lose it from all over, which means burning fat through diet and exercise. You can do all the weight exercises in the world – it’ll build your muscle, but it won’t get rid of the fat that’s over that muscle.Your body does need SOME fat coming in through your diet, so don’t cut out fats altogether. Some good lowfat foods are fruits and veggies (although some, like avocado, do contain fat, but it’s “good” fat), skim milk, egg whites…
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