If my dog has worms how do I find out

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Signs of worms include dull coat, weight & appetite loss, pot-belly, low energy, diarrhea and vomiting. See a vet to be sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-my-dog-has-worms-how-do-i-find-out ]
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Why do I always find worms in my dogs food bowl after a rain ? Ju…?
I’m wondering the same thing! I have to clean their bowls out every time it rains because of those weird worms.
What kind of worm did I find near my dog’s stool??
Call the vet and describe it to him/her, they should be able to give you something to go by since they just saw your dog.

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How do you find out if your dog has worms? And what really are worms where would they be?
Q: There are a couple things going on with my dog. And both point to him having worms, according to what I’ve read and according to some answers people have been giving here. I know the Vet can find out, but how does he/she find out if my dog has worms? And what exactly is that? Signs:right now my dog is enthusiastically ripping open an empty pizza box trying to get to food. YET, he’s eaten his 1 cup of food plus another 1/2 cup of food over his daily requirement. And he also has started eating dog poo on our walks. Both point to maybe him having worms. So I’ve read on the Internet. (he was at the Vet’s 2 weeks ago, getting neutered and someone said he could have picked worms up there)I have recently switched his food from Orijen kibble (which is very high protein) to another just as high quality dog food but with a lot less protein. Maybe that’s why he’s more hungry? He’s only 14 1/2 lbs but is eating like a dog double his size since about 2 weeks ago and he doesn’t gain anything, which I don’t want him to gain, he’s 3 yrs old. But there’s definitely a huge difference and increase in his appetite.
A: The vet will do what is called a fecal. You can bring in your own sample of stool, or they will get a sample. It will be tested, and it will come out negative or positive.I would suggest going to the vet just to make sure!Good Luck!
My dog has worms…..?
Q: I just found out my dog has worms. She rubs her bottom on the floor. I haven’t seen anything on the floor after she does it,but I still vacuum afterwards. I have a 10 month old baby,can she get the worms? If she can, How would I get rid of them. This may seem stupid,but I really want to know.
A: That is a good question. People can catch worms from their dogs. It is unlikely but it can happen. First of all, worm your dog. Go to the vet and get an all wormer. You can buy individual tablets. Dont buy any supermarket wormers they are no good. You can also get human wormers. Though it is not likely that your baby would have caught worms, it is still safe to worm her also. A popular brand is Combantrin. This tablet will kill the major worms that can be caught from dogs. Becuase she is only 10 months, i would check with the pharmacist if she is too young to give the tablet to, or the dose to give. You can get it in chocolate square form for kids.
My dog has worms, how can I get rid of them in my home?
Q: I have two dogs, a 5 month old Chihuahua and a 2.5 year-old Jack Russell Terrier. When my puppy was about 3 months old, I requested a fecal exam from my vet when we went in for his vaccinations, and he came up positive for hookworms. Both my dogs had to go through a treatment of Ivermectin. Both dogs got a dose of Iverhart (heartworm medication) a few days ago – it was my puppy’s first dose. Today I noticed he had worms in his stool, so I’m going to contact the vet asap about getting them tested and dewormed again.I live in an apartment and I’m afraid that the worms are coming from dog feces left on the premises by careless owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs. It happens all the time here. To be safe, the first thing I did when I found the worms was clean out both dogs’ crates with bleach and hot water, wash their beds, then bathe them both and put them right in the crates. Then I vacuumed, sprayed my carpets with Lysol, and wiped down all the solid surfaces in my apartment with Lysol wipes. I sprayed our shoes with Lysol, soaked the dogs’ plastic toys in bleach/hot water, and tossed their stuffed toys in the washer. I also washed the sheets and pillowcases on our bed. Is there anything else I should do to disinfect my apartment and keep us and our dogs safe? I don’t know if these worms are hookworms again, or some other type. Should I be concerned about my boyfriend and I getting infected?Unfortunately we do let our dogs lick our face. What should I look for incase we are infected?We use Frontline Plus on my Jack Russell, but my puppy isn’t on any flea medication because he’s rarely outside, even to potty, because we use pee pads and a litter box.
A: Hookworms live in soil. Change the area you are walking your dogs or letting them run around in. The only way to remove them is to dig up the soil and remove it … we had a problem with hookworms years ago at a house we had. The dogs will get reinfected from the soil.You should always be concerned about becoming infected with worms/parasites from your animals. Wash your hands (general hygene) and never allow your dogs to lick your face. Consider using something like ‘advantage multi’ or something similar for basic worms/parasites. Your vet can talk to you about this..applied monthly. As for hook worms…they have to be treated separately. Take another stool sample in to find out what worms they have. You do not need an appointment to drop off a sample..they can diagnose and prescribe what is needed from that. Just walk your dogs elsewhere…somewhere cleaner.
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