If you are on a diet what is the best alcoholic drink to drink

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The lowest calorie drink you can get is Rum and Diet Coke. It has 110 calories per drink. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-on-a-diet-what-is-the-best-alcoholic-drink-to-drink ]
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What is the best alcoholic drink when on a diet?
The alcoholic beverages most familiar to us are either grain-based (whiskey, vodka, beer, etc.) or fruit-based (wine, brandy, etc.). Ethyl alcohol – the type found in such beverages – is produced through the fermentation of sugar by yeast. …
What is the best alcoholic drink or drinks when you’re on a low c…?
– Vodka water! Sounds gross, but works pretty well, add a squeeze of lime juice. – Dry red and white wines are pretty low in carbs, but that all depends on how many glasses you choose to have. Basically any hard liquor has no carbs, but vod…
Which Alcoholic Drink is Best When You’re Dieting??
Tom Venuto discusses some things to consider if you insist on including alchohol in your diet when trying to lose weight. Post a comment Share

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best alcoholic drink to drink when on a diet?
Q: I am going on holiday soon and have been on a diet, i intend to continue this diet (sort of) on holiday and i am just wondering what is the best alcoholic drink to drink when on a diet.What is the lowest calorie alcoholic drink out there lol?thanks
A: One vodka shot has 60 calories. It has the less calories than any other alcohol. Mix it with anything however, and the calories/sodium/sugar skyrocket.
What is a good non alcoholic drink to drink when on a diet?
Q: I know I know I know…WATER. I love water, but its boring and has no taste. I can only have water when I am exercising, if not, I cannot drink it. I am currently drinking diet lipton green team with citrus. I like it but I don’t know if this is that great for you and if it will help lose weight.I need a drink that tastes pretty good, that is good for you. I eat right and exercise.
A: Well, there is this product called crystal light. I’m not sure if you have heard of it, but its basically this substance and you put it into your water, and it flavors it like cool aid. And the best part is it comes in different flavors and has like 30 calories. I use this when I’m tired of water. Check it out.
What alcoholic drink is best for a diet (most alcohol for least calories)?
Q: I want to stay on my diet, but I like to drink a few nights a week. What liquor, mixed drink, wine, or beer is the best? In particular, what has the most alcohol with the fewest calories?
A: Regular bitter (pint): 170 calsBest/Premium beer (pint): 187 calsLow alcohol bitter (pint): 74 calsRegular lager (pint): 165 calsBest/Premium lager (pint): 335 calsLow alcohol lager (pint): 57 calsCider (pint): 190-240 calsChampagne (175ml glass): 133 calsWhite wine – dry (175ml glass): 116 calsWhite wine – medium (175ml glass): 130 calsWhite wine – sparkling (175ml glass): 130 calsRed wine (175ml glass): 119 calsRose wine (175ml glass): 124 calsVodka & coke (175ml): 120 calsVodka & diet coke (175ml): 56 calsVodka & orange juice (175ml): 126 calsVodka & tonic (175ml): 88 calsVodka & slimline tonic (175ml): 58 calsVodka, lime & soda (200ml): 76 calsVodka red bull (1/2 can) (150ml): 112 calsVodka sugar free red bull (1/2 can) (150ml): 59 calsGin & slimline tonic (single): 56 calsGin & slimline tonic (double): 112 calsGin & tonic (single): 120 calsGin & tonic (double): 175 calsWhisky & lemonade (single): 82 calsWhisky & lemonade (double): 137 calsWhisky & soda (single): 56 calsWhisky & soda (double): 112 calsBacardi rum & coke (single): 129 calsBacardi rum & coke (double): 194 calsBacardi rum & diet coke (single): 65 calsBacardi rum & diet coke (double): 130 calsSo the least calories are:Vodka & diet coke (175ml): 56 calsGin & slimline tonic (single): 56 calsLow alcohol lager (pint): 57 calsVodka & slimline tonic (175ml): 58 calsVodka sugar free red bull (1/2 can) (150ml): 59 calsBacardi rum & diet coke (single): 65 cals
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