Is butter a carb

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Butter is not considered a carbohydrate, but a fat. Butter is acceptable to use in food on a low-carb diet. ChaCha for now! [ Source: ]
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No, butter is mostly fat.
No, butter is not a carbohydrate. Butter is a fat.
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Does eating low-carb peanut butter make you fat?
Q: I think I should have some of this around b/c I am starting to freak out from this carb-intolerance thing I have sometimes. Last night, I was so freaked out I couldn’t sleep. Protein is necessary at times to be calm, and peanut-butter is perfect, but isn’t this the fattiest thing I could eat???
A: The ONLY thing that is going to make you fat is eating more calories than you burn!! Your body doesn’t care where the calories come from. If you eat 10,000 calories of protein a day you’ll get fat since I doubt you’d be able to burn that off. Same with fat or carbs! The highest calorie thing you could eat would be a tub of whatever pure grease/oil you choose. But if your only source of calories was (say) a teaspoon of that fat a day you’d still lose weight since (even in a coma) your body will burn more calories than that daily,Now go enjoy a reasonable amount of peanut butter! <VBG>
How do I gain control of my carb/butter addiction?
Q: I absolutely love potatoes, pasta, white bread, etc all just dripping with butter. I’m not overweight now, but I feel like I will be in the future if I keep eating this way. Any suggestions?
A: 1. Switch to a lower calorie spread2. When you buy bread, find a wheat bread you like or else try the new whole grain white, which is supposed to be nutritionally similar to wheat, but tastes like white3. Create balanced plates. Like, If you really want potatoes serve them with broccoli or something.
Does anyone have a “Low Carb.” Peanut Butter Cookie recipe?
A: try they will have a LOT of recipes in various forms they also have pics and different to set up the measuring and servings…..hope the cookies turn out great
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