Is it bad to mix alcohol and energy drink

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Energy drinks are also used as mixers with alcohol but the combination of effects may be dangerous w/ the stimulants. [ Source: ]
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What happens when you mix energy drinks with alcohol??
The stimulants counteract alcohol’s tendency to cause drowsiness, which would otherwise make you stop drinking. Some younger adults deliberately use energy drinks to bypass this natural inhibition so they can party longer. Some manufacturer…
Is Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks Deadly?
Few People Realize the Risks of Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol “Energy” drinks are all the rage. They are available everywhere, and are often target marketed to college aged students. A new study has found that when these energy…
What happens when you mix alcohol and energy drinks?
Even as last call approaches on Lower Greenville Avenue, the streets are packed, the crowds are loud and most bar patrons don’t seem ready for bed. Some rely on the groove of the music or the shake of the dance floor to keep them up for t…

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why is it bad to mix energy drinks with alcohol?
Q: if i mixed say a rockstar with absolut, would it be dangerous?
A: alcohol is a Depressant and energy drinks are a Stimulant both together is straining on the heart and can give you a heart attack.
is it ok to mix alcohol and energy drinks?
Q: like if you mixed vodka and rockstar? or whisky and monster? is that bad like will it make you sick?
A: If you are going to mix alcohol with energy drinks you will definitely have to try CRUNK!!! energy drink. Check out recipes here:!!! Energy Drink embodies the lifestyle of letting loose, feeling free and expressing yourself!If you want to know how to get Crunk!!! Energy Drink, check out the Store Locator:…or Online Store…
Are energy drinks and Alcohol a bad combination?
Q: Someone told me that this combination is bad for you health long term. I know alcohol isn’t good for you but can an energy drink mixed in make it that much worse?
A: One of the reasons this combination is bad is that energy drinks like Red Bull have high concentrations of caffeine in them and caffeine is a diuretic (makes you lose water through urination and sweating). Red Bull has a much higher caffeine concentration compared to soda. Alcohol is also a diuretic, so combining two diuretics together is a bad idea. Also, energy drinks act as stimulants, so you keep your energy up and you might keep drinking beyond the point where you should have stopped.
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