Is it unhealthy to eat uncooked noodles

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Uncooked noodles are precooked so they are fine to eat. Thanks for texting! [ Source: ]
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Can you eat uncooked dehydrated noodles?
Yeah, I’ve ate Ramen noodles and pasta noodles dry before. I find the Ramen noodles surprisingly tasty, with a nice crunchy texture.
Can dwarf hamsters eat uncooked pasta noodles?
No to uncooked pasta. You can feed tjem carrots and lettuce. No cucumber or zuccini becuase it doesnt digest very well
Is it bad to eat raw/uncooked cup noodles?
It is okay to eat it uncooked, but just a small amount, like how we put it on top of the salad is fine =D If you had to much uncooked noodles in your tummy? well the noodles will get swell up & it can give you a stomach pain. I’m Chine…

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Eat Noodles uncooked unhealthy for you?
Q: Is eating noodles uncooked really unhealthy for you? I mean, break noodles in to really small piece with salted on it and eat it like chips? Or is it just ok just like chips? or it is really bad for you?
A: I ate uncooked spaghetti a lot when I was a kid, I loved the crunch tho it didn’t necessarily taste good. It never hurt me.
Is it unhealthy to eat uncooked top ramen noodles?
Q: just wundrin gimme the deets!why are people saying they are nasty when they havent tried them yo?!
A: Yes and No. Yes only because of their high sodium content made worse by the fact you dont have water to dilute them. But really not that dangerous. They already are cooked and freeze-dried so its really not all that dangerous
is it unhealthy to eat top ramen noodles uncooked?
A: Ramen Noodles arent exactly healthy in the first place.
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