Is ranch dressing healthy

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There are 73 calories in 1 tablespoon of Ranch Salad Dressing. Calorie break-down: 94% fat, 5% carbs, 1% protein. [ Source: ]
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Is Ranch dressing healthy?
LOL thats some funny stuff hehe.. I have 2 girls and the best bit of advice I can give you is this… If they see you eat it and like it chances they will too. Also being creative at the younger age’s is helpful and sometimes fun. bulding t…
How many calories is this salad?
Its kind of hard to tell without amounts,… Lettuce, red onion, carrots are all considered to contain negative calories, AKA they burn more calories than they add… So you don’t have to worry about those. Sundried tomato i think will be…
How much calories does a salad have?
It depends, mainly on the dressing and how much you’ve used. The salad part – the veggies, most likely don’t total a hundred calories. Italian dressing has a lot of oil in it and that will make it higher in calories, so you should really us…

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Are carrots with ranch dressing a healthy snack?
Q: I know that the ranch dressing isnt healthy, but overall is it a healthy snack when combined with healthy vegetables. Obviously it’s way more healthy then a bag of chips, right?
A: the ranch still has a lot of empty calories, if you can eat it without the dressing that will help. or buy the low fat ranch, its about 1/2 the calories. so thats not so bad. theres about 100 calories in like 3 tablespoons of dressing, and theres 140 in a can of soda, and we all know how bad soda is for us.
Is ranch dressing healthy to eat with carrots?
Q: instead of me snacking on icecream and all the junk i have that my parents buy i decided to eat carrots, i like carrots without ranch dressing but i like it a lil more with ranch dressing. how big effect is it if i eat 2-3 big carrots everyday with ranch dressing?
A: Well it’s still healthier than snacking on junk food, but remember that ranch dressing is pretty fatty, so don’t go overboard on it.
Is ranch dressing healthy?
A: It actually has a lot more fat than I ever thought it did. I was eating a salad and pizza one day ( I love ranch with my pizza) and I looked at the label, in 2 Tbs of Hidden Valley ranch there is 14grams of fat. I was like holy S&%$ I just ate a lot of it and didn’t even realize!! Oh well. It’s good, who cares, everyone has to indulge once in a while. But I have to say my favorite ranch dressing is the kind that they have at diner kind of places where they make it themselves with buttermilk and stuff, oh man, that stuff is the best. ( Also if you get the packages of dried herbs from hidden valley and make it yourself it’s really good too) Good Luck and Happy Feasting!!-Little Chef
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