Is turkey ham made of ham or turkey

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Turkey ham is made of the thigh meat of a turkey! [ Source: ]
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Is turkey ham made out of ham or turkey?
Turkey, made to taste like ham.
How to home made ham, turkey, chicken, or beef gravy
・ 1 After baking your ham, turkey, chicken, or roast. Take the drippings you got from the roasting pan… ・ 2 In the mean time mix together some water and flour so that it is a little thinner than pancake batter… ・ 3 Add seasonings to tas…
How to Make Turkey Ham and Potato Soup
・ 1 Put the potatoes, celery, onion, turkey ham, carrots and chicken broth in a big pot bring to a boil… ・ 2 In a separate pan, melt butter over medium-low heat. Whisk in flour, and cook, stirring constantly… ・ 3 Stir the milk mixture i…

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Do you order your holiday turkey or ham ready-made, or do you make your own?
Q: I’m sorely tempted to “cheat” with the dinner this year. In the past the family has divided up the meal, making it sort of pot-luck..but this year everything is on me for the first time. (No big deal for those of you who are good cooks – that is not how I describe myself)I’m wondering if the ready-made turkeys at places like Food City or Heavenly Ham (or wherever) are really good. If you have gone this route, would you please let me know where you ordered from and whether you were pleased with the end result?Thank you!
A: Cassandra, years ago I didn’t think I could make a turkey either. Believe it or not, the first turkey I tried to make turned out great. They really aren’t that hard to do, it just seems like it would be overwhelming. Follow these instructions, and your turkey will turn out great. you choose to “cheat” as you put it – nobody will think badly of you. It’s a lot of work (not so much the turkey, but everything else!). I know we have a few stores and restaurants here in California that offer already made turkeys, or entire meals. From what I have been told, they are very good. Happy Thanksgiving!
is turkey ham made out of ham or turkey?
Q: or is it both
A: Turkey, made to taste like ham.
What is turkey ham? Is it unhealthy?
Q: I’m a teacher and have to pack my lunch. Cold Cuts must be unhealthy, and considering I got this turkey ham for $3.50/lb it is probably very unhealthy, but it is so delicious! It is made by Jennie O, a prominent turkey producer. Can some one tell me how bad this is for me?
A: It’s more healthier than regular ham, most diabetic are told to switch to turkey ham turkey bologna and turkey hot dogs. They are the lesser of two evils, and they taste pretty good.
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