Is vinegar bad for you

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Some people use it as a health supplement. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Is vinegar bad for you?
Increasing intake of the common flavouring at mealtimes or consuming it in a drink may therefore help dieters eat less and reduce cravings brought on by sugar peaks after meals. Lead author of the study, Elin Ostman from Lund University, …
Does vinegar go bad?
Pickle strength vinegar is weak and can grow junk on the surface but store bottled vinegar remains useful forever. Salt will not go bad …even sugar wont go bad until it is diluted . The chemistry keeps water away from bacteria and molds. …
Does apple cider vinegar go bad?
Apple cider vinegar, is apple cider that has already ‘gone bad’ and since vinegar in itself is a preservative, it is not possible for it to become ‘out of date’ or ‘go off’. The worst that can happen is it may lose some flavour over time. I…

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Are fumes from vinegar bad for you?
Q: I’ve switched to vinegar and baking soda to clean my bathtub – hopefully to be less toxic to me and the environment. I dumped a bunch of vinegar onto a washrag. The odor/fumes were very strong. I had the fan on but still pretty strong. Are these fumes bad for you? Probably not as bad as conventional bathtub cleaners, but still a bit concerned.Seems like everyone doesn’t know what they are talking aboutI just found this :WarningsIs there anything you shouldn’t use vinegar for? Yes. Don’t use it to brush your teeth, as it dissolves calcium. Don’t use it around glued joints of furniture, as it will dissolve most glues, and don’t leave it on metal surfaces to avoid the danger of pitting. While it’s gentle enough for most applications, don’t forget that it has the power that comes from strong acids. It’s easily soluble in water, though, so simply rinse any surface thoroughly that it might damage, and/or use baking soda to neutralize any traces. Keep it away from marble and other fine stones as it can eat into them – just like it does calcium. One more warning is in order. The fumes from vinegar can sometimes cause respiratory distress in those who are sensitive, like asthmatics or those with emphysema. The remedy is fresh air, or if the reaction is severe, emergency medical help may be necessary.
A: I would make sure that you don’t add it with bleach though. Bleach or ammonia are what you need to be careful with. You can clean lot of stuff with it though, you may need to use less vinegar and more water. In a closed in place you should have good ventilation to use certain cleaning products anyway. Leave the room and let it air out, don’t put yourself through that strong smell.
Is too much vinegar bad for you?
Q: I love vinegar anything…I put Balsamic Vinegar on salad, I pour Worcestershire Sauce on everything, there’s this type of special vinegar I eat with dumplings, etc.I’ve been thinking I eat too much of it…so is too much vinegar bad for me?
A: Too much of a good thing is bad for you. I myself love balsamic vinegar. I know that vinegar does temporarily shrink your stomach when consumed so I would say that keeping your stomach shrunk and full of acid can’t be good.
is Bragg apple cider vinegar bad for the enamal on your teeth?
Q: I I use 2 tsps of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz of my drinking water daily…I heard it was bad for your teeth…is that true?
A: Yes, that amount might be a bit much for your teeth. You may be able to add baking soda or something like that to counteract it though (it has other benefits as well). I used to add like a capful of ACV to my drinking water, hoping to help me combat eczema. I got lazy and stopped using it though and my eczema cleared up. Coincidence? I don’t know. I no longer drink ACV though. If you read the testimonials on the website I linked below, some people have great results with ACV and for others it causes problems. You just need to learn what’s right for your body I guess.
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