What are cheap healthy foods

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Consume Tap Water, Eggs,Buy in Bulk and if you want cheap buy Generic Food that means the off brand. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-cheap-healthy-foods ]
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What are some cheap healthy foods?
i ate 1300 to 1500cals a day for 5months. my food bill went down. breakfast (about 300cals)was either a single serving of cereal with milk or 2pcs. of toast with cream cheese or 2pcs. of toast and 1 egg snack was anything that didn’t exceed…
How to Buy Cheap Healthy Foods
・ 1 A bag of lentils costs less than two dollars, is an excellent source of fiber and vegetable protein… ・ 2 Brown rice is an excellent source of fiber, whole grains, and loaded with nutrition. Also can be used… ・ 3 Canned salmon is an …
How to Find Cheap Healthy Foods
・ 1 Frozen berries – You can grow your own at home, pick your own from a local farmer and freeze them or… ・ 2 Spinach or leaf lettuce – You can buy a bunch of spinach or leaf lettuce for just a couple dollars… ・ 3 Beans – canned or drie…
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