What are fish oil pills good for

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Fish oil protects against heart disease, inflammation, arthritis, depression, improves circulation, immunity, skin care, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-fish-oil-pills-good-for ]
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What are fish oil pills good for?
Fish oil is very healthy. The reason is that it has the good omega 3 fats – DHA and EPA. These 2 fats have been linked to many health benefits like heart health, arthritis, helping with depression and many more. The best quality of omega 3 …
What is fish oil pills good for
Fish oil contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids. They are good for tons of things. Arthritis Asthma Tendonitis Eczema, dry skin Depression Wrinkles Nail problems Menstrual problems High blood pressure and high cholesterol Gout Memory problems Hives P…
Are Fish Oil Pills Any Good?
Fish oil pills have been around in one form or another for years now dating back to cod liver oil concentrate and then cod liver oil capsules, and although these can still be found there have been significant changes made in the type of fis…

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Are fish oil pills good for everyone? I just started because i heard there good.?
Q: I just started taking Efalex Fish oil pills anyone know if there good?… 1) Are they safe to take ? 2) how much should i be taking?3) what are the side effects if i take them everyday?4) What does Fish oil do ? will they do any kidney damage?
A: Fish oil is great for cholesterol, heart function, heart disease, muscle repair, joints and who knows what else.Read the label, take that.No side effects that I am aware of.I take 4 tablets of super pure fish oil every day.
Are fish oil pills really good for you?
Q: I’ve read in my magazine that fish oils are really nutrious, improving things such as mood, cramps, acne, etc. If anyone else uses these vitamins, does it really work?
A: Fish oil capsules contain the omega 3’s DHA and EPA and are very good for you.They help to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol if you suffer from those health problems and they are good for your brain. They are also good pain killers for arthritis.
please suggest a good technique to cut fish oil pills.?
Q: I tried cutting a fish oil pill with a knife today, but it would not cut at first, than I Pressed on it hard, but it squirted all over. Anyone has easier, less messy suggestion?
A: try using a sewing needle- not one of the very thick ones, but a fairly thick one.
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