What are healthy foods to gain weight

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Here are some healthy foods that’ll help you gain weight: fruit juices, powdered milk, olive oil, fish, nuts, and beans. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-healthy-foods-to-gain-weight ]
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What are some healthy foods to gain weight?
Protein isn’t just an important part of The Lose Weight diet, it’s an important part of every diet. As far as food sources go, the best sources of protein tend to come from anything that used to be alive, or anything that came from somethin…
How can I gain weight eating healthy foods?
Eat baked beans they are full of protein , and anything else with protein in it. Also any meat or fish. Also if i was you i will try going to the gym to put some muscle on, but this might not be your thing.
What healthy foods can i eat to gain weight?
I’m not sure if you know or not, but foods that are considered high in “energy” have a lot of calories (calories=energy). When you don’t burn off all this energy, it is stored as fat. Thats’s why people count their calories when t…

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What causes more weight gain – healthy foods or junk food?
Q: What causes more weight gain – healthy foods or junk food and why?
A: Neither. That’s the lie that most people believe. Junk food in low quantity is the same as healthy foods in low quantity. We tend to eat “more” of junk food though, because it tastes good. If we ate healthy food like we ate junk food … we’d gain just as much. On a diet, you eat healthy food because it will help you lose weight healthy with the right amount of nutrition. And also again, we eat less of it because it doesn’t taste as good.BTW, “healthy food” is relative. If all you ate were vegetables and fruits and were dangerously lacking in salt and protein food ….. a burger is “healthy food”. Fat and Sugar are bad to us in America because we eat too much of it.
what kind of healthy foods to gain weight?
Q: hi, everyone! i’m 16/ male. i hav something to ask, “what kind of healthy foods to gain weight?” I’m not too skinny guy and i have no problems with eating foods, but i have a problem with my health, which i hav a rheumatic heart failure. This problem occured after the surgery of my tonsil when i was on 5th grade. Every month, i went to the doctor to have an injection for my heart. So, what healthy foods should i eat? Thanks a lot.
A: Peanut butter is good, and of course non salted peanuts, either one is good for your heart and will simultaneously help you maintain a healthy weight, also whits meats such as chicken and turkey and fish is a good health choice, as long as they are cooked in a healthy low fat manner, also intake plenty of fiber based foods to help keep your cholesterol in check, such as oat meal, raisins and so fourth, try to avoid pork and most other red meats, they tend to be high in cholesterol and/or sodium which is good for raising blood pressure.
What healthy foods help gain weight?
Q: Hi! I’m 16 and I’m trying to gain a little more weight (but not fat). What are healthy foods that can help me gain a little more weight?
A: avacados and nuts.
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