What are proteins used for

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Proteins are essential components of muscles, skin, bones and the body as a whole. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-proteins-used-for ]
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What is Proteins used for
Proteins are used as enzymes, to either slow down or speed up chemical reactions within the cell. Proteins are also the building blocks of life. Our muscle cells, for example contain a lot of protein. Proteins are also used by the cell to p…
Proteins such as hemoglobin, transferrin, ferritin, ceruloplasmin and metallothionine transport and store minerals and oxygen. Muscle proteins are required for motion. DNA and RNA are proteins. Collagen, elastin and keratin are proteins nee…

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What are different proteins used for in your body?
Q: What are different proteins used for in your body?
A: Proteins do everything you can think of. Enzymes are proteins which act as biological catalysts, speeding up reactions within the human body. These can also digest food in your digestive tract.There are protein hormones, which are chemical signals which are controlled by glands. Hormones cause puberty.Proteins such as myoglobin are important, as they are what allow your blood cells to have the capacity to carry oxygen to different parts of your body. Actin is a cytoskeletal element, which is by far the most abundant protein in human bodies, which basically keeps your cells together and functioning, so your body can function as a whole.Muscles are made from proteins such as collagen and elastin. DNA codes are the reason you look the way you do, and the reason your body functions. Because DNA is translated into proteins, andEVERYTHING in your DNA code gets translated into proteins this is infintely important, and you understand that it is impossible to quantify the funtion of proteins, because they do everything instructed by your DNA. This means your development, fighting off sickness, and sensing the external environment.
How can proteins be used by the Krebs cycle to produce energy?
Q: How can proteins be used by the Krebs cycle to produce energy?And How can fats be used by the Krebs cycle to produce energy?
A: 1.Fats – fats are broken down in beta oxidation where carbons are removed two at a time from the fatty acids and added to CoA to produce Acetyl CoA which delivers the carbons to the Krebs Cycle where they enter the cycle by adding to the 4 carbon oxaloacetate to produce citrate and proceed around the cycle.2. Proteins – Transamination reactions eg.oxaloacetate can be formed by transamination from aspartic acid. α-ketoglutarate can be formed from transamination of glutamate. Thus proteins –>amino acids and some feed into the Krebs as described for oxaloacetate and α-ketoglutarate which are both components of the Krebs Cycle.
What are the seven ways proteins are used in cells?
Q: Could someone please tell me the seven ways proteins are used in cells? Thanks.
A: As enzymes, transport, signal transduction, cell to cell recognition, intercellular joining, or attachment to the cytoskeleton and ECM.
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