What are some good ska bands

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Some good Ska bands are: Reel Big Fish, Catch 22, Bosstones, Gold Finger, Mustard Plug, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Against All Authority, Less Than Jake. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-good-ska-bands ]
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What are some good ska bands?
Stephen, The bands you listed fall more into the ska-punk variety. If you like those, you’ll probably like: The Specials Fishbone The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Big D & The Kids Table The Johnstones Buck 0 Nine The Toasters spunge Voodoo G…
What are some really good Ska bands?
The Specials – A Message to You Rudy 201 Madness – One Step Beyond 189 Reel Big Fish – Beer 178 Sublime – Date Rape 143 Sublime – Santeria 127 Ska-P – Cannabis 127 The Specials – Ghost Town 122 No Doubt – Spiderwebs 117 Reel Big Fish – Sell…
How to Start a Ska Band
・ 1 Decide on which type of ska you want to play. There are three different “waves” of ska including original… ・ 2 Determine what ska influences you want to use to guide your music. Make a list of about ten bands that… ・ 3 Thi…

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What are some good ska, reggae, and jazz bands?
Q: Okay, so I just discovered ska and I really like it, but I know almost zero good bands. If anyone knows any good traditional, 2 tone, or third wave ska bands please tell me. Oh and also what are some good reggae and jazz bands, cause I also like those two genres, and I really dont know anything about those two so anything would be appreciated from info to good band names. Oh and if you have a favorite song with that band tell me.
A: Ska:The SpecialsOperation IvyThe ToastersThe AggrolitesToots & the MaytalsStreetlight ManifestoCatch 22Reggae:AswadBob MarleyBunny WailerPeter ToshJah CureZiggy MarleyDamien MarleyStephen MarleySublimeBarrington LevyLee “Scratch” PerryMidniteThird WorldIsrael Vibration
what are some really good ska bands that are sorta like Streetlight Manifesto?
Q: i really like Streetlight Manifesto and i want to venture into some more ska what are some good bands that i can get into.
A: go to Pandora.com and type street light manifesto in and it will start playing bands similar to them. If you don’t like the song you can thumbs down it and get a different song that you might like.
Can anyone recommend some good punk Ska bands?
Q: I’m a Trombone player, and I’m really into the Ska punk scene. Can anyone recommend some good Punk Ska bands or songs? Preferably ones that feature the horns.
A: 7 seconds to lovebig d and the kids tablemighty mighty bosstonesskankin with stevestreetlight manifestomadnessreel big fishless then jakeskankin pickleoperation ivy
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