What are stetch marks from

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Skin stretched by rapid growth e.g. pregnancy, weight gain, or extreme weight loss, shows a form of scarring called stretch marks [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-stetch-marks-from ]
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How to get rid of this? stetch marks after delivery
hi lilly i delivered a baby in march i have a lot of streach marks. some r in black colour. iused a product named palmers coco butter formula postnatal.anyway i readuced it a lot also used vitamin e oil (baby oil). i thunk palmers coco butt…
How to Prevent Stetch Marks During Prenancy
From the minute woman find out they are pregnant they become aware that their bodies are about to go through changes, such as an increase in waist size to dreaded stretch marks that appear out of nowhere. Stretch marks are red or purple mar…
What helps prevent stetch marks?
I also used the Palmers, Ive heard it doesnt help, but I figured it cant hurt. Just try not to go overboard with eating bad food. And continuing to stay active. This way you dont gain weight too fast, which is what causes stretch marks. T…

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Can you get stretch marks from weight loss?
Q: I was sitting infront of the mirror getting ready for work when I started looking at my stretch marks. Almost instantly I spotted a bunch of new ones (i think?) going diagnally on my collar bone, just a bunch of thin little lines. I don’t know if they are stetch marks, but I’m getting annoyed with them. You get them from being fat. You get them from being skinny. What the hell??????? I just hate them.Ok, so what’s a body brush?
A: In essence, stretch marks are like scars because of the rapid growth of underlying tissue in the skin. This rapid growth causes the skin to stretch – this is where we get the phrase “stretch marks’. This can be caused by sudden weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy. Also it can be caused by hormonal changes which disrupt the production of collagen in your skin. This can also, cause disruption in the collagen in the connective tissue which then leads to stretch marks.Because stretch marks are like scars, they can be difficult to get rid of. However, from what you’ve said here, it sounds like you’re at the beginning stages so you may be able to fade them with the right product. For this I recommend recommend stretch mark cream: http://www.womans-health.net/StretchMarkPrevention/index.php…because it helps to increase collagen and elastin in the skin which firms up the underlying skin. It’s also all natural and contains 100% natural ingredients such as squalene oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3 as well as aloe vera and grapefruit seed extracts which are all known to stimulate the production and regeneration of new skin cells and fade the marks left behind by the stretch marks.The best time to start using any stretch mark treatment is during the early stages. So, you’ll want to start working on this soon.
How can i get rid of the stretch marks that i get from working out??
Q: ive been working out since i was 13 years old and now i am 17. I would work out for about a week then stop for two weeks and i have alot of stetch marks and are increasing. Kindly send me some tips which will help prevent stretchmarks like what should i do before and after workout. And one more thing, do stretchmark removal cream works or its just a waste of money??
A: you can try applying olive oil on your body or vaseline. In order to prevent these marks from increasing, try to exercise on a regular basis instead of taking the two week break. you get stretch marks because when you start exercising your body tighten’s and when you stop your body is back to being loose. It will be a lot better if you exercise on alternate days instead of 1 week exercise and 2 week break. stop the rotine that you are currently following.Stretchmark creams will only lighten the marks and so will olive oil and vaseline. Stretchmarks are very hard to get rid off.Best of Luck
Reached my weight loss goal…but I’m more ashamed of my body than what I begun with!?
Q: Ok so I lost a total of 30 pounds….went from 155 to 125. BUT it seems my body looks more awful than what I begun with. I have MORE stretchmarks than I used to have. During my weight loss journey, I exercised, toned, drank TONS of water, rubbed my body down with cocoa butter, THE WORKS! I am more healthy and yes, I’m happy just for that. But it would be nice to be able to look good naked. My boobs have deep crevices now and my bum has stetch marks from all the toning exercises I did…I know it doesn’t really make sense…but its true. If I continue my exercise program along with a healthy diet, will the stretchmarks become less apparent? Or am I stuck with them?
A: .Toning exercises didn’t cause the stretch marks, being overweight did. Better to have loose skin and stretch marks, than a body full of excess fat. You can continue working out and tone up some of that skin (although if you lost weight very quickly, you’re likely going to have some flab).The excess skin can be surgically removed if it’s an issue. Keep up with the cocoa butter and vitamin E for the stretch marks. They won’t go away, but may fade. I lost 90 lbs total years ago…very fast. I have loose skin and stretch marks also…but I look a damn sight better than I did at over 230 lbs.Keep working out…keep eating right…and be proud of your accomplishment. Think about it, would you really rather have the fat body back? I’d rather have the one I have now. I can hide the loose skin and stretch marks with clothing, and still dress in cuter outfits than I could as a size 22 woman.
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