What are the benefits of Shea butter

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Shae butter benefits can be daily skin moisturizer (face and body), dry skin relief, dry scalp, skin rash- including diaper..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-benefits-of-shea-butter ]
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Shea butter has been used to help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and stretch marks. It may also help diminish wrinkles by moisturizing the skin, promoting cell renewal, and increasing circulation. It also contain…
Shea butter is a naturally ivory-colored natural fat extracted from the fruit of the Shea Tree by crushing and boiling. It is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer and an emollient. It’s benefits are vast. Shea butter can provide imrove…
Helps heal scars, burns, and stretch marks.* Prevents ashy skin, chapping, and skin rashes.* An ideal hair dressing that protects the scalp from sores and rashes.* Helps prevent weak hair from breaking, fading, or thinning out.* Fortifies c…

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what are the benefits of using shea butter and olive oil on your hair?
Q: i have heard the olive oil and shea butter is good for specifically african american hair, but i don’t know the benefits are doing so.can someone please tell me or list a site that i can find this info?
A: Shea butter is a natural moisturizer and is good for moisturizing your hair and skin. It also has healing effects for eczema and helps prevent wrinkles. Olive oil is good for locking in moisture so your hair will stay moisturized longer than usual. It’s also good for hot oil treatments because it helps repair damaged hair. It’s also good for baggying because it helps restore the hair’s moisture balance.
What are the benefits of 100% raw Shea butter? Is it good to use on the face?
Q: I have raw shea butter and i was just wondering of all the full benefits of it….Also, i have dry acne skin on my face and I was wondering if it will clog my pores or if its good to heal the acne? Thanks!
A: nope its not good to use on the face because it is so thick. its being thick causes your pores to clog and in turn making pimples.
help I hear shea butter is better then cocoa butter is it? and what are the skin benefits of both?
Q: I hear both can help lubricate very dry skin, help with rashes, acne, and skin dicoloration.. but I still here that shea butter is the better out of the two is this right? what are the skin benefits of cocoa butter and shea butter and is shea butter better then cocoa butter?
A: I heard that shea butter is just good for moisturizing- while I use Cocoa Butter for scars, moisturization and too even out my skin tone and it works well. Palmers Cocoa Butter is the best to use in my opinion. I haven’t actually used shea butter though, it’s just alot of peoples opinions and what they’ve used. No one reacts the same to creams and stuff. If you have any other questions about this or anything else, you can contact me at ;[email protected] love.
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