What are the components that make up fat

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Fats are generally esters of glycerols and fatty acids. This is a “brief” answer, and a good chunk of organic chemistry is on display when looking into the chemistry of fats. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-components-that-make-up-fat ]
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What are components that make up fat?
glycerol and fatty acids

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What components of the body make up lean mass?
Q: I am doing a project and I need to know what components of the body make up lean mass and fat mass. I would like to know the answer to both. Please please please help me!!!
A: lean mass is muscle and organs, fat mass is everything else
Why do people who lose weight automatically assume they are losing fat?
Q: Some people go to such extremes to lose weight, do they not realise that you can end up losing muscle instead of fat and therefore end up ‘fatter’, because this increases your body fat percentage.I just get the impression that some people don’t even realise that you can lose muscle. Peopel are so caught up in losing ‘weight’, they forget that weight is made up of different components….fat, muscle, bone, water, vital organs, etc.
A: You answered your own question there, people don’t take the time to understand it. I put so much time into eating right and working out and really taking care of myself and it annoys me to no end when someone who can’t lose weight for more then a few days asks how I stay skinny and then wont actually do the same once you explain it to them.People are lazy and so for every one person like you or me there are probably one hundred who want to only take the easy way out. You know there are some people who actually think also that if they work out once a week and lose one pound of weight (probably just water weight) in two weeks they think they can just stop working out.It’s really stupid and you’re fully right.One person I work with is on what they call the carrot diet right now. Another on the all meat diet.Whatever happened to eatting right working out and building up muscle and burning fat slowly over a number of months instead of three weeks?
What are the three components of a sound weight (fat) control program?
A: Exercise, proper diet, sleep. You can learn more about this here.
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