What are the health benefits of a mango

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Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and have good amounts of vitamins B and C as well as Potassium, Calcium and Iron. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-health-benefits-of-a-mango ]
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What is Amchur? – Health Benefits of Amchur or Mango Powder?
Amchur, or just mango powder, is a spice made from green, unripe mangos, which are sliced, sun-dried and ground into a fine powder. The powder is done to preserve the acidic, tart, and slightly spicy flavour of Chicken and fish dishes are …
What are the benefits of mango to our health??
Benefits of Mango : Mangos contain a considerable amount of gallic acid, which may be binding to the bowels. It is excellent as a disinfectant to the body. Many people claim the mango is a great blood cleanser, and it also has fever soothin…
Are Mangoes healthy? What are some nutritional benefits??
Mangos are healthy, in fact most fruit out there is healthy and packed with vitamins, minerals and the orange/yellow ones have the added benefit of beta-carotine. As for which fruit has the most Vitamin C, I think it’s the Acerola berry wit…

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what are the benefits of mango to our health?
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A: Benefits of Mango :Mangos contain a considerable amount of gallic acid, which may be binding to the bowels. It is excellent as a disinfectant to the body. Many people claim the mango is a great blood cleanser, and it also has fever soothing qualities. Mango juice will reduce excessive body heat. Mangos are also wonderful for helping to throw off body odors. Nutrients in one pound Calories 198 Iron 0.6 mg Protein 2.1 g Vitamin A 14,590 I.U. Fat 0.6 g Thiamine 0.19 mg Carbohydrates 51.6 g Riboflavin 0.17 mg Calcium 27 mg Niacin 2.8 mg Phosphorus 39 mg Ascorbic acid 106 mg
health benefits of mango?
A: A comfort food. Mangos really can make you feel better! Beyond being delicious and rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, mangos contain an enzyme with stomach soothing properties similar to papain found in papayas. These comforting enzymes act as a digestive aid and can be held partially responsible for that feeling of contentment we experience during and after our daily mango ritual. Yes, it is quite natural to crave those mangos!Mango, both in its green and ripe form is a very good tenderizing agent due to these same enzymes, therefore ideal to include in any marinade (see Mango Marinade under Sauces category in our Recipe Guide). In India they use a sour mango powder containing ground up green mangos called Amchur, both as a seasoning and tenderizing aid.We all know the importance of fiber in our diets. If you are eating your mango-a-day, irregularity is not a problem for you and so we’ll spare the gruesome details regarding constipation, piles and spastic colon. Research has shown that dietary fiber has a protective effect against degenerative diseases, especially with regards to the heart; may help prevent certain types of cancer, as well as lowering blood cholesterol levels. An average sized mango can contain up to 40% of your daily fiber requirement. For those of you who are physically active, whether working out or constantly on the go, mangos are also a great way to replenish that lost potassium. Deliciously rich in anti-oxidants, potassium and fiber – the mango is the perfect fruit! Truly ‘the king of fruit’.Mango Nutrient Information* Serving size: 3 1/2 ounces mango slices Calories Protein Total Carbohydrate Fat Cholesterol Sodium Potassium Vitamin A Vitamin C 66 0.5g 17g 0.27g 0mg 2mg 156mg 3,890IU 27mg * Not recommended for labeling purposes Mangos are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C, as well as a good source of Potassium and contain beta carotene. Mangos are high in fiber, but low in calories (approx. 110 per average sized mango), fat (only 1 gram) and sodium. Mangos are a good staple for your daily diet.
Do green mangoes have the sames health benefits as ripe mangoes?
A: Here’s a page on mango facts.
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