What country drinks the most tea

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Luxembourg residents lead the list of alcohol consuming countries with 15.5 litres per capita. Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-country-drinks-the-most-tea ]
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Which country drinks the most tea per capita?
China produces the most tea overall, at 950,000 tons, or 27% of the world market. People in India consume the most tea overall, but only consume about 650 grams per person. That’s just because there are so many people there. In terms of who…
Are there lots of countries which drinks these herbal teas?
Yes, The world health organization (WHO) estimates that 40% of world’s population relies on herbs for their primary health care needs. Especially in Asia country. Herbs are not only used in developing countries. 25 to 30 % of all medical do…
Should I Drink Holy Tea If I Have Travelled to a Tropical Country…?
For the same reasons, drinking Holy Tea could also benefit anyone who has travelled to a tropical country where bacteria like E-Coli and microscopic parasites like flukes or their eggs, or Giardia protozoa, are found in drinking water, bath…

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which country has people who drinks the most cups of tea per person in the world ?
Q: I am studying English in UK. My book said that Ireland is the country which has people who drink the most cups of tea per person in the world, but I am not sure. Can you check further information for me?Thanks.
A: People in many countries drink tea . China and Japan drink tea,
What’s the number one tea drinking country?
Q: does anyone know which country buys/drinks the most tea?
A: India ^^
Which nation drinks the most tea?
Q: Is it my beloved country of england?i wasnt expecting iraq to be the biggest tea drinking nation.
A: no actually it is iraq believe it or not , they drink more cups per person per year then any other country.this is from the tea commitee it is the list of top 10 tea drinking nations of 2006/710. Morocco612 cups per capita9. Afghanistan613 cups per capita8. Iran651 cups per capita7. Kuwait867 cups per capita6. Turkey884 cups per capita5. UK994 cups per capita4. Qatar1,008 cups per capita3. Libya1,148 cups per capita2. Ireland1,214 cups per capita1. Iraq1,219 cups per capita
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