What food has the most fiber in it

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Foods Highest in Fiber: Corn bran: 70.5g Fiber, Fungi Cloud Ears, Dried: 49.4g Fiber, Ground Cinnamon: 41.6g Fiber, All-Bran cereal: 52.1g Fiber, Ground savory: 33.6g Fiber, Wheat bran: 39.6g Fiber, Dried oregano: 28g Fiber. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-food-has-the-most-fiber-in-it ]
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bananas, and get your grammar right!
The only foods that contain fiber are the foods found in the plant world. Grains beans, nuts and seeds vegetables fruit 1– Eat whole grains and grains that are not processed– rolled oats(old fashioned oats) brown rice instead of white ric…
Foods that are high in soluble fiber include: oatmeal, oatbran or whole oats legumes like beans and lentils or peas fruits such as apples or berries psyllium, which is found in some cereals, supplements, or bulk fiber laxatives

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What food or fruit or vegetable has the most fiber per gram?
Q: In other words, what whole natural food or common prepared dishes has the most fiber?
A: Artichokes, edameme and light popcorn are really good examples of foods that are high in fiber.Check out more examples of high fiber foods at the website I work for, AOL Health:http://www.aolhealth.com/diet/basics/fiber-foods
What kind of food has a high fiber content? Usually available in grocery stores?
Q: I was grocery shopping today and I was in a sea of sugary, prepackaged junk food! tho there WERE fresh vegetables and produce, but what can i buy so that i’ll be consuming foods with more fibers?
A: The most fibrous foods- Apple- Spinach- Kale- Steamed Beetroot- Burghul / Cracked Wheat ( Tabouli)- Mulakhiya ( an egyptian veg from the spinach family.Very good for water retention and constipation)- Dried Fruit and Nuts- A cup of all Bran Cereal first thing in the morningCheck out this website
What kinds of food has Fiber in it?
Q: What kinds of fruit, drinks, and other food would be rich with Fiber?
A: -All vegetables have loads of healthy fiber in them to keep you nice and regular!-Whole grains such as breads with the first ingredient listed as whole grain also has a lot of fiber in them too-Fruit has loads of fiber but I would not consume this food group often because fruits do tend to have a lot of sugar that can contribute to fat (prunes and dates: releve constipation)-Flax seeds and Flax seed oil have tons of fiber as well that help regulate constipation**If you search your food market with those food groups in mind, there is no doubt in my mind that you wont find fiber!!**
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