What food is best for you for weight loss

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Eating a balanced diet will help you lose weight provided you eat less than your daily requirement. Protein is the best if you are cutting out anything, cut dairy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-food-is-best-for-you-for-weight-loss ]
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What are the best foods to eat for weight loss?
try to eat a balance diet get all the fruits veggies meats dairy and grains you’re suppose to, try to eat lean meats poultry and fish instead of red meat(for instance i use ground turkey instead of ground beef and turkey bacon instead of po…
What are the best foods for weight loss?
Follow this site more helpful for you. This answer has been selected as best answer for more than fifteen times by asker (yahoo answer) for weight loss. Drink lot more water. Drink Green tea that will help you to reduce weight. Drink lemon …
Are Dried Foods Good for Weight Loss?
Yes! Dried fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat, yet high in fiber which is not lost in drying.

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Which Dry Dog Food is best for weight loss? …expert advice?
Q: My dog/Boxer is over weight by appx 30 lbs. and we are beginning a new plan for her. We are exercising more, however, I need to know… Which “Dry Dog Food for Weight Loss” is the best to buy? that actually works to help dogs. And do I measure what the bag says on the back to what her weight is now? or what she needs to be?Also, I was reading on the internet to feed your dog 2-3 small meals a day to help weight loss? Is that true??If you have experience with this issue & have the answers, please, I need your advise on food, how much, and how offten.She & I thank you very much ! 🙂
A: If you have to change her dog food then change it to something like Innova which is the HEALTHIEST pet food currently on the market thats gives something from all food groups and not a food such as beneful which is the unhealthiest pet foods on the market….if the dog dose not finish tje food you put down DO NOT leave it there take it back up where your dog cannot get to it if not your dog will come bak many times just because it is there…30mins after meals take your dog out for a walk……play with your dog more often take her swimming which is one of the best methods for dog exercise or teadmill walking which dogs acually like when it colder outside..make sure you do not give her unhealthy table foods with greases and fats follow those simple steps and do more research and you will see results within a month or less..$~Hope this helped~$
Best food for weight loss?
Q: Yeah I know, weird question right? You don’t eat food to lose weight but that’s not what I mean. What are the right foods to be eating. My dad recommended oatmeal for breakfast because it keeps you full. Any others…O and I know this probably isn’t good but I really don’t like vegetables, especially cooked ones. Cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots aren’t terrible though, just not cooked vegetables.
A: Oatmeal Peanut ButterLean Chicken and TurkeyNuts (especially Pistachios)Low Fat Cottage CheeseFruits VegetablesSpinachWhole Wheat anything. NO OTHER TYPE OF BREAD/PASTAInstead of frozen yogurt, try mixing one cup of non fat yogurt (plain or vanilla) and adding fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and freezing it. You got yourself a tasty treat! With half the calories!Replace chips, pretzels, any other type of high carb food with pistachios. They’re the lowest calorie nut, and have loads of heart healthy benefits!Example Meal:Breakfast: Oatmeal with Banana. Water. Green Tea. Snack: Cottage Cheese or Fruits (strawberries or an apple)Lunch: Whole Wheat Bread, with Turkey and Low Fat swiss cheese. Spinach and Tomato for veggies. Carrot Sticks. Snack: PistachiosDinner: Chicken. Sweet Potatoes. Summer Squash or Carrots. Skim Milk. Or Low Fat Milk.
Best dog food for weight loss, large breed?
Q: I used to feed my dog charlie ( 3/4 year old terrier mutt resembling a large benji- at about the size of a golden retriever) The Goodlife Brand dog food. But at a recent vet check, we learned that she’s got a slight thyroid problem that explains her weight gain and the small patch of hairloss on her right hip. So the vet prescribed a daily pill and suggested that she lose 20lbs! I know you may not believe me, but I really thought that she just needed to lose 5-10 lbs. She’s at 63 and I guess should be at 45? She has a tight concave (not stuck out or bulging) stumach and no rolls or bulging at hindquaters or neck where you can usually see extra fat on dogs. I guess maybe its because she’s so fluffy, or that she’s a mutt so there’s no way to tell what type of body she’s supposed to have. You know… slim and spry like a border collie or saluki… or thick and strong like a labrador or am.staff?I’ve switched her to a weight loss food, so she’s having Beneful Healthy Weight. Suggestions?After I posted this I started researching Beneful and found a website (eopinions) that had reviews for it. Basically it boiled down to that the number one ingredient was corn/corn product, there was very low quality protein and not much of it, and that it made dogs very gasy which tells me that it would cause problems. Corn is not very digestable (anyone who’s eaten it knows this…lol) so its obviously just a filler to get the dogs full but offers little to no nutritional value. I’m glad I only bought a small bag of this as a precaution! I wish I could figure out a recipe for making her food myself. I know the basic ingredients would be chicken, brown rice, veggies, and herbs like parsley. But I have no idea what vitamens/minerals and amounts I should be adding to make it complete nutrition for her. I’m scared that I would screw up her health…But making her food myself would I think be cheaper in the long run. I do Not have abundant cash, solid gold stuff may not be possible. 🙁
A: i will be blunt…beneful is crap..and if you read the ingredient label you will see why. it has corn and sugar { corn syrup } in it !!! feed your dog a good food, and it will not only eat less, it will lose weight. try one of these..and yes, they do cost more { and you get what you pay for..QUALITY } ::: solid gold {this is what i feed } , Newman’s own , Merrick, taste of the wild, blue buffalo, chicken soup, canidae, wellness, California naturals, natural balance, Artemis, and avoderm. these are good foods. stay away from anything purina, alpo, iams, eukanuba, ol-roy, and science diet. corn, soy, sugar, fillers, by-products, rendered animal parts { you do not want to know..it is gross stuff }, and wheat gluten { remember the recall }. hope this helps you. oh, and for the record my mastiff is fine, but my rhodesian ridgeback has a thyroid problem, and the solid gold works for us.
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