What food is the healthiest for you

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Apricots The Power: Beta-carotene, which helps prevent free-radical damage and protect the eyes. The body also turns be(more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-food-is-the-healthiest-for-you ]
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crackers and cheese. Balony sandwichs with lettuce tomato and cheese, No mayo. Fruit and veggies. A soda here and there won’t hurt. just find snacks!
In this short article I would try to point out to you what are the best healthy foods to eat, what is organic food and tips to get easy benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. So if you want to learn some healthy diet tips, read on.What…
No single food will supply all the nutrients your body needs. Therefore, good nutrition means eating a variety of foods.

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cat owners from the UK, what brand of food do you give your cat, what’s the healthiest thing out there?
A: UK here, and it’s very hard to find good quality cat food that isn’t full of grains, fillers and ground up noses and bums. In the USa, they have Wellness and Innova, which are excellent quality, no grains/fillers/by products, but no one sells it over here! Orijen is good also, but it still has a higher carbohyrdrate content than cats need. Cats only need between 3% and 5% carbohydrate in their diet. Many cat foods contain upwards of 36% including many prescription foods. Some have a carb content of 46% and over.Be warned – although Applaws has good quality ingredients, it is not a complete food, it’s missing many of the vital nutrients that cats need such as Taurine. The makers are open about this, the tinned Applaws is a treat food only. I believe their dry food is a complete food.A few months ago, I discovered Bozita, from Sweden. It comes in wet and dry forms. I use the wet form that comes in Tetra packs (there is one form in tins too) Sweden has much higher welfare standards for farm animals than the UK, so the animals used in the food will have had better lives, no hormones or spurious antibiotics.Bozita is meat. Just meat, no by products such as meat meal or animal derivatives (rendered carcass) It contains no grains/cereals/soy products either. It is a complete food so it contains all of the micronutrients and vitamins that a cat needs. It comes in 12 flavours and in the UK you can order it online from these suppliers:- http://www.seapets.co.uk/http://www.rlpetproducts.co.uk/http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shopThe Bozita site is: – http://www.bozita.com/en/The Bozita company is very friendly and is happy to answer any questions you have about their products by email.I switched 3 of my cats to it over a couple of weeks. They love it – the fatter cats are losing some weight (they needed to) their coats are in better condition and so is their skin. Their plates are clean after every feed. As a bonus, their poo is smaller and smells less too (always a good sign)My 4th cat has a history of serious bowel problems (IBD etc) and she currently has Royal Canin Sensitivity Control wet food as her main food (it only has rice as the carb content and is a restricted protein) but more recently I have been supplementing part of her daily food with some Bozita – the fish varieties are a safer protein for her gut, and so far she has done well (no diarhea or colitis) so I will continue to add more Bozita to her diet. This cat is over 19 years old so change has to be very gradual.I’ve been very impressed with the quality of Bozita. The best price I have got for it was from Seapets last week – 90p per tetra pack (370g) and p&p free if the order is over £29. (90p for up to 7 meals is pretty good value) It stays fresh in the fridge too. The tetra packs crush down as well and can be recycled.When you open the packs, the contents actually smell good, and don’t make you gag like many cat foods do.I’ve looked at a lot of so called “natural” cat foods in the UK and found that not only do they still contain the same old crap as Hills et al, but they have the added nonsense of herbs and vegetables, which for cats are an absolute no no.Yeah, Bozita rocks! My cats love it.
What is the healthiest food to get at McDonalds?
Q: Sometimes when i am on the go i need to grab something at McDonalds and i don’t have time for salad. What is the healthiest food to get there besides a salad?
A: duuuu its the chicken tenders !!!!
What is the in general healthiest fast food place to eat at?
Q: I know what yal are thinking, if she is worried about calories and crap, why are you eating at a fast food place? I just want to know what place has the healthiest food.
A: I am thinking that. I think that “healthy” and “fast food” is an oxymoron. For that matter, I don’t even think that most of those places even sell food. On the rare occasions that I have to do fast food or go hungry, it’s either Burger King for the veggie burger (though it’s still on white bread and automatically comes with mayo and cheese unless otherwise requested), Subway for their pathetic salad on a white bun (their wheat bread is not whole wheat), However, Subway’s “healthy” sandwiches are full of sodium and nitrates from the deli meat. Taco Bell is okay as I can get things with beans instead of meat and with no cheese, Wendy’s because they do have a baked potato (ironically, I own about five shares of Wendy’s stock, purchased long before I cared about what I put into my body and from where it came; Now, financially, I’m better off keeping it) and Tim Horton’s which also has a veggie sandwich (and some yummy fat free muffins and coffee). (I also own Tim Horton’s stock which I acquired when the two companies split. Even better, I receive dividend checks for about a dollar periodically and I didn’t buy the stock but acquired it when Wendy’s bought TH’s. I digress.) The best is Panera, which has several vegetarian choices that can be easily made vegan. They offer whole wheat bread and apples in lieu of their baked chips. I used to get hummus sandwich there, but now I get hummus and pitas from the local Mid-East restaurant or from Trader Joe’s and some whole wheat pitas as well.I avoid McDonald’s. They’re pure evil. I noticed that they started to add “healthy” options after people began to question the “healthfulness” of their food. I think the “healthy” Happy Meals are a joke. Sure, they offer apples, but their skinless, most of the fiber and nutrients are in the skin, so what’s the point?Anyway, I hope this has been of some help.
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