What foods are good for the prostate

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A variety of fruits,vegetables, wholegrain cereals, nuts and legumes, olive oil, low intake of red meat are good for the prostate. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-foods-are-good-for-the-prostate ]
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What foods or liquids, juices, proteins, fruits, are good for Mal…?
I am 53 YO Male with exessive urinary frequency. Is there a fruit, food, drink, pill, mojo, that would help me with this problem? I am talking about urinating 3 to 4 times every night, and or while watching TV, every hour or so. No pain,…
What foods are good for my prostate?
Considered good for the prostate are tomatoes and other vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, fish and soy.

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What good foods and herbs and stuff are known for supporting the prostate and good sexual health?
Q: I would like to be schooled in the arts of a healthier sexual life by way of foods and the supplements that are available. I also want the information on the best vegetables to consume for this goal Thank You Peace.
A: Ginko BilobaZincSaw PalmettoPumpkin SeedHorny Goat SeedOysters
what are some foods that are good for an enlarged prostate?
Q: I do not have insurance, and a change in my diet has got to be a better way to live than not being able to afford the doctor recommended drugs.
A: Soy food, lots of water
What are specific foods known to prevent and or alleviate prostate swelling?
Q: 73 yrs here. Psi: 6.4. Certainly one should know if his reading is age-proportionate, though at present I don’t. However I am virtually certain it is not. Considering ample cause for inflamation contingent on reduced sex-play, is this a matter for any special concern? No symptoms whatever.It is not my nature to be alarmist, and in any event am more inclined to holistic alternatives than to typical medical options. Considering a holistic approach, any sound guidelines for handling this issue in a natural, optimistic way?
A: That is a bit high on the PSA score – my honey has had problems with his psa – it goes up and he has had a biopsy. When this first started I did some research on natural products. Saw Palmetto and Stinging Netto along with a few other key ingredients seem to help. It is amazing how inflammation can harm our bodies. At my house we are taking a wellness drink that specifically targets inflammation. If you want to check out the information about this product, the link is below, if not – we all have preferences. I would suggest you go to a health food store to at least obtain products with the saw palmetto, it does help.Wellness drink:http://www.sonoranbloom.com/11537422
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