What happens if you don’t get enough calories in your diet

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You will lose body mass like bone, muscle, and fat. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-don%27t-get-enough-calories-in-your-diet ]
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How to Get Enough Nutrients and Calories On a Raw Food Diet?
・ 1 Make sure you consume a good amount of healthy (unsaturated) fat. Nuts and avocados are especially… ・ 2 Make dense fruits and vegetables the main part of your diet. Certain vegetables, such as broccoli and… ・ 3 Drink natural fruits …
How do fruitarians get enough calories in their diet??
Calories is a big subject when it comes to weight loss. We need to understand three things: the number of calories in our food, the number of calories a specific physical action burns every sixty minutes, and finally our own personal daily …
How do you get enough calories on a gluten-free vegan diet??
It’s not just calories that are a problem for a vegan. Even vegetarians have to know about making a full protein (what meat eaters get from meat, cheese, eggs and fish) from the things they have decided to restrict themselves to. If you hav…

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Do you know why so many people can be so stupid and unhelpful?
Q: I’m going to have a little rant if you don’t mind (well really you have no choice in the matter anyway..)Somebody just asked a question in the Diet and Fitness section about what would happen if they ate less than 500 kcals a day. Stupid number 1 who asked the question said that she didn’t care about what happened and she didn’t want a lecture. How can somebody care so much about the outside of their bodies that they destroy the inside to get to how they want?Stupid number 1 also asked if she would gain muscle weight. The reason this annoyed me is because she expected that she would actually gain ANYTHING from doing this. She also didn’t realise that the good looking people with the nice bodies like jessica biel have nice bodies because they have muscle tone. And eating as little as that will starve her body so that it uses any tissue it can get it’s hands on to stay alive (yes, muscle tissue) so she ends up being just plain disgusting and sick looking, not to mention the fact that she is starving her body of the vital vitamins and minerals it needs.Stupid number 1 has basically admitted to and tried to defend her blatent anorexia.Stupid number 2, 3, 4 and 5 said that she would gain muscle.Stupid number 6 said the following:”uhh make sure your eating breakfeast. Thats the best way to lose weight. But i think you would lose as long as you arent eating like packs of chipps”Saying that eating breakfast is the best way to lose weight is a completely dumb statement to make. What is it about breakfast that makes you lose weight, Stupid? Also just because someone eats bad food doesn’t mean they won’t lose weight (scientifically, though it’s easier to overeat with high calorie foods like crisps).Stupid number 7 actually encouraged her to continue eating like this because it ‘works’. Yes, Stupid, you are right! You lose weight but are you ever happy with it? Nooo. Never! You always see yourself as fat and you keep dieting and eventually waste away and your body starves and becomes very sick and you slowly die, meanwhile your life has already crumbled around you because nothing in your mind is more important than exercising and staying thin. You become obsessed about killing yourself. How can you encourage Stupid number 1 to do that to herself, never mind do it to yourself?There are other answers with similarly completely uneducated and unhealthy advice. There were very few ‘lectures’ as Stupid number 1 called them, even though a good kick up the butt is exactly what she needs. One guy even encouraged the diet and exercise plan that she had and after giving her such awful advice, had the cheek to ask for points (which is another thing that annoys me on YA, if you give a good enough answer you’ll get the points, don’t ask for them if you’re undeserving)I won’t give more examples. I just thought that this was so terrible from both the asker who cared so little about herself, and other members of the answers community who encouraged a mentally ill (anorexic) person to continue what they were doing. Yes calling somebody ‘stupid’ because of their eating disorder was a little harsh but I just get so annoyed sometimes……
A: Yes.
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