What has more protein red meat or chicken

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Chicken is 71% protein and red meat has 51% protein. Chicken has more protein than red meat. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-has-more-protein-red-meat-or-chicken ]
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What contains more protein? chicken meat or red meat??
I’m pretty sure red meat, chicken meat is considered white meat and in general red meat is the one that contains the most protein.
How much protein do you eat per week? What is your preferences re…?
I eat very little red meat – only fillet or lamb chops. I do cooking with ostrich mince or ostrich fillet. I love free-range chicken, and I love fish, but only fresh fish. No frozen fish for me.
Is chicken considered a “red meat”?
Red meat is any meat that is ‘red’ before you cook it-such as beef ( ribs, steaks, hamburgers, sausages, etc.,) and certain pork. Both chicken and fish do not fall into that category since they are generally ‘ white’ before you prepare them…

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what contains more protein? chicken meat or red meat?
Q: i own a chicken shop. is it right if i advertise: “Chicken breast contains more protein than any form of red meat.”
A: I’m pretty sure red meat, chicken meat is considered white meat and in general red meat is the one that contains the most protein.
Protein…Chicken vs. Red Meat…?
Q: Ok, I have been on a strict diet/workout plan for the past 6 weeks. I have been only allowed to eat…white meat chicken, vegetables, organic sugar, fruits, salads and water…and I workout…bootcamp style 3 times a week.It’s been working, I have lost a healthy 15 lbs…since beginning.Ok, here’s my dillema…today is Memorials Day and I had a slip…I ate a grilled steak. Ok, I have I sabotaged my diet really bad. Before I ate it, I rationalized that it was protein and what could it hurt, this one time. Im dealing with alot of guilt here folks…Am I beating myself up needlessly or have I really screwed up?Thanks in advance and Peace!P.S. I have not cheated in any other way…no carbs, no breads…just that darn steak!!Oh and if possible could tell me what the deal with NOT eating steak is…I mean it’s protein, right? Ok, Im done…please be gentle…LOLSarah…you cruel, cruel woman you!!…(((sigh)))…no, the steak was nothing like a dripping, delicious, double, cheese burger, with side of homestyle cut french fries with vinegar…no wait cheese and bacon and sour cream, and red velvet cake…with a huge glass of cold milk…Your absolutely right…that small piece of steak was NOTHING like that!!…LOLWOW…outstanding answers!!!!!! I LOVE you guys…how Blessed am I too have friends such as yourselves to remind me of what’s Really true…(((sigh)))…Thank you…picking a B/A will most difficult…He sends nothing but Angels.
A: i absolutely must “weigh” in (forgive me, dear, i couldn’t resist)…here is a perfect example of assigning “meaning” and then getting caught up in false ego’s triumphant “guilt” floggings. i have said for years that i don’t get the idea of “guilty pleasure” (specifically) or “guilt” (in general). If i “choose” to do something or eat something or say something that is “unacceptable,” i bear full and conscious responsibility for making that choice. And having made the choice, i relish the moment for what it is, receiving full pleasure as experienced in that moment. Why even go to regret or guilt, which are false ego’s attempts to shame and punish? i am an adult…i can “choose” NOT TO DO something as well. But having chosen TO DO (with full consciousness) an action, then i stand by that choice and do not allow the false tyrranical ego to open up the door of guilt or regret. What’s the point? After all, i had the option to choose differently and did not do so. So, fully enjoy the choice made, and choose differently next time…with full consciousness. Guilty pleasure? BAH HUMBUG! No such thing. Regret and guilt are false concepts rooted in fear-based thinking. Did the Devil make you do it? Of course not! Was the steak good? Yummy? Worth the lapse in austerity? Then own it, my friend, and move on. There will be ample opportunities to choose differently…at those times, make your choice and steak with it…oops!…stick with it. Guilt and regret be damned…big girls don’t cry “foul”; they take it on the chin, get up, and keep on playing. Congratulations on your discipline and perseverance…maybe i won’t have that bowl of ice cream, after all. Or maybe i will…the choice is mine..i am Sirius
Why isn’t there a good amount of protein in chicken like there is in beef or red meat?
Q: I’ve always heard chicken (white meat) doesn’t have a whole lot of protein while beef and pork is always a great protein source. Does it have to do with muscles? Please be specific.
A: This is not true – all muscles, white or red, are composed almost entirely of protein. However, red muscle is a little denser (heavier per unit volume) than white muscle, having to do with the performance of the muscle when alive, so a cup of cooked beef is heavier than a cup of cooked chicken and contains slightly more protein. By weight, there is not enough difference to matter for protein nutritional purposes. The biggest difference is that white muscle is not marbled – there is no fat embedded in the meat – so there is less cholesterol from an ounce of chicken that an ounce of prime beef.
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