What is a dragonfruit

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The Pitaya is more commonly referred to as the dragon fruit. Its origin is not known, but thought to be from Africa. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-dragonfruit ]
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It is a red fruit from a cactus species. It has a bland, slightly gritty taste and texture. See the Related Link below for more information and images as well.
Dragonfruit is the fruit of a type of cactus found primarily in central vietnam, but can be found all over the country when in season.
sorry to take so long to answer. my internet service was shut down for 2 days. dragonfruit is a fruit related to lychee fruit a native to southeast asia. the fruit is small, round, and thin skinned. each fruit contains one seed. it’s used t…

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Q: i have heard that dragon fruit are tasty and kind of kiwi like but im really stuck for what to do with itany ideas for reciepes?also whos tasted it? is it worth it?any other ideas for fruits (or any other foods in fact)that I wouldnt have tasted before that are worth a try?thanks!its also known as pitaya if that helps
A: I am a former chef from Canada, and I worked in Singapore in the 1980’s, we used it in fruit salads, as a flan topping with mangos, pureed and made into a “Fool”, it is pureed fruit folded into whipped cream, sort of a mousse with out the gelatin. Even mixed into rice pudding.I used it once in a sauce for fish, we used to do a fillet of orange roughy with a sweet and sour kiwi based sauce, so I added a bit of dragonfruit chopped fine. It is nice just eaten plain.Taste wise it is a cross between a kiwi, a cantelope melon and texture of watermelon, the small black seeds are not a problem, I saw red and yellow ones in Singapore, they are available here in Canada at local grocery store, but I alway have to laugh when I see someone trying to figure out what they are. And at $3-4 CDN not something you buy on a whim.
How do you eat a dragonfruit?
Q: hey guys! i was at the grocery store today, and i bought a dragonfruit out of curiosity. it looks good, but i don’t know how to eat it. the employee said it’s like a kiwi. do any of you know?
A: well, you just cut it in half lenghthwise and scoop it out with a spoon, the texture is like a kiwi b/c of all of the seeds, but the flavor is very bland with a unique taste to it, in my opinion, its not very good..=
Crushed bugs in dragonfruit and cranberry nutrient water?
Q: I’ve heard rumors that there are crushed up bugs in dragonfruit and cranberry nutrient water. Can anyone clarify this?
A: That beverage contains red dye number 40, which is made from bugs.It’s only harmful if you’re allergic to it.
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