What is a fish oil vitamin good for

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It can reduce the risk of heart disease and may lower cholesterol. ChaCha on1 [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-fish-oil-vitamin-good-for ]
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Which vitamin is better Flax Seed Oil or Fish Oil??
theyre both good but in my opinion, flaxseed is better
What are the best websites to order vitamins/supplements online (…?
I’ve had good results with the Vitamin Shoppe. If you’re looking for more workout-oriented supplements, Bodybuilding.com has good prices and service.
What are some beneficial vitamins to start taking? Also, what is …?
The most beneficial vitamin is a liquid vitamin that includes all the vitamins that your body needs in the right proportion. One that also includes all the minerals your body needs in the right proportion. Omega 3 fish oil is very good for …

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For my health / diet program I’m supposed to start taking fish oil, Vitamin E and Probiotics daily? good or no
Q: Just wanting to know the benefits of taking these 3 things on a daily basis ~ I pretty much know the benefits for probiotics, helps with digestion and such, but what are the benefits of the fish oil and Vitamin E?
A: altho the benefits we get from such vitamins are often advertised and made aware thru different ways, still consulting a doctor is the best way. we are all different individuals and how much vit. e your body needs might not be the same as how much i need of it . my son got sick and when i brought him to the doctor, they had to take blood from him, and there they told me that he needs so much so of iron.with all these promotions about good healthy skin and hair we get from vit. e, there was also a write up lately, passed thru internet that those who take vit. e daily have a shorter life span. i just dont recall the dosage, but on the other hand, something else i read says that you cud start 400 mg of vit. e then gradually increase dosage. so how do we know which to follow? have your blood taken, and ask what vitamins ur body needs and how much dosage you shud take.
What are Fish Oil and Vitamin E pills good for?
Q: I heard that it is good for hair growth is that true?
A: I have not heard they are good for hair growth and recent studies do not support that vitamin E is good for much of anything. Fish oil, however is reportedly good for your heart and arteries, and most importantly it increases your beneficial cholesterol HDL. In my case by taking fish oil and niacin I doubled my HDL. The niacin dose was very low and of the type that isn’t supposed to help HDL so I mainly credit the fish oil. Fish oil is also supposed to lower the incidence of Alzheimer’s and reduce joint inflammation. The reason you don’t see a lot of studies or advertising is that no one can patent fish oil and make a huge profit on it like they can on a prescription drug.
is fish oil vitamins really good for your skin?
Q: I was wondering is fish oil vitiams really good for your skin?
A: Yes, they have many benefits for your skin and hair. All parts of your body are connected; you will get benefits from what you put in it at all parts of your body.:)
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