What is a good diet longterm for weight loss

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Weight Watchers is a great longterm diet program. You can learn a lot from them and use this when you are not a member. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-diet-longterm-for-weight-loss ]
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Why fad diets won’t help you achieve long-term weight loss?
Fad diets won’t help you to achieve long-term weight loss because that is not their purpose. The aim of fad diets is to get followers to reduce the number of calories they consume to such a low number that they are bound to lose weight . As…
Does the Liquid Diet Afford Long Term Weight Loss?
The Liquid Diet does afford long term weight loss, but in an indirect way. The Liquid Diet is aimed at helping the severely obese to reduce body weight quickly through the consumption of very small amounts of “food”. Over time and with care…
Who Uses the Atkins Diet For Long-term Weight Loss?
Many people have lost a lot of weight on the Atkins diet. Some reports have shown dieters losing as much as 80 pounds. Who are most of the people on the Atkins diet? I will provide a list of most likely candidates to try the Atkins diet …

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Need to lose 50+ pounds in 4 months for family reunion!?
Q: Ok, so normally, my way of dieting is the “right” way …Slow and steady…good foods etc. That’s what I am gonna try to follow..but I have NOT even 4 months to get down to 150 for a family reunion. please don’t judge my weight because I am having some hormone probs but I am 5’4 and 198 pounds. I need to get down to AT least 150 by June1st! I’m not looking for longterm..I need an emergency plan. After I lose some weight then I will look more at longterm etc. I kind of gotta do the unconventional “biggest loser” sort of thing. Any ideas? REmember this is just for emergency weight loss…I do realize that most weightloss should be much more slow and steady and longtermish. PLEASE HELP! 🙁 Thanks…btw here is a pic of what I look like now… Shoot, my real goal is 120 ultimately…but I know that’s ridic..so at least at 150 I would look pretty acceptable.http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll93/casedeanna/beach.jpg I am actually 180 in this pic…I’m lke 18 pounds more now :(I’m thinking of working out EVERY morning for an hour and then working it up to 1.5 hours in the morning on the elliptical…and then restricting my calories to 1,000-1,200. I hear a lot that this isn’t safe…but being that I am starting at a much heavier weight, I wonder if it would be ok temporarily..or if it would mess things up..?You guys come on! I have gained like 40 pounds!!! 🙁 Yes my family still loves me but I don’t wanna look like a whale next to everyone else! I want to have a good time. I’m TIRED of being the “fatty”.!!!OMG are some of you dense? STFU about it being unhealthy to lose weight this way. READ THE MOTHERF****G question. It’s emergency weightloss! Like pre-wedding weightloss…
A: I would never judge you by your weight… and if anyone does it is because they are projecting their own insecurities on to you.While I don’t agree with mega-fast weight loss, I understand completely. My recommendation would be to eat between 1200-1500 calories a day, 100g protein, under 25g fat, under 200 carbs… log EVERYTHING you eat, but don’t under any circumstances starve yourself. You need to eat enough calories to fuel your body through your day and your workouts. If you don’t eat enough calories, you’ll actually be storing all the fat and burning through muscle… (trust me, I get yelled at constantly by my trainer for not eating enough!!) It’s VERY important to get enough calories. Also, It’s a good idea to have snacks… I know some people say no but it’s all about flipping on your metabolism… skipping meals or doing just breakfast/lunch/dinner will actually hurt you more. Your metabolism needs to be jumpstarted, so you start out within an hour of getting up (before working out), with breakfast. Then a mid-morning snack. Lunch. Mid-afternoon snack. Dinner. Evening snack. This keeps your body constantly digesting and improves your metabolism greatly. The snacks obviously aren’t unhealthy things. A typical day for me is a Special K bar when I first get up, Yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Granola bar for mid-morning snack. Lean Gourmet meal and frozen veggies for lunch. Yogurt or fruit for mid afternoon snack. Grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. Sugar-free bomb-pop or popsicle for evening snack. It works! 🙂 I know it sounds counter-intuitive to eat more to lose weight, but it scientifically makes sense.With that in mind, spend as much time as possible at the gym doing not only cardio but strength training. Make sure you eat something before working out (ie, oatmeal, special k bar, etc). If you’re going to do strength training, warm up for 5-10 minutes on cardio equipment before you start and cool down for 5-10 minutes afterwards. This allows your muscles to warm up so they’ll be able to train better. Also, don’t focus on the scale. In fact, put it away. You can weigh yourself every month, but don’t do it every day or every week. It is important to build muscle when trying to lose weight because the muscle burns the fat faster. Muscle weighs more than fat. I have been working out with a personal trainer for 3 months and have only lost 20 lbs… I have, however, gone from a 24 to a 20, and I have Popeye arms now! 🙂 Don’t give up if you don’t see a difference in the scale… Keep going, drink tons of water, and good luck!!
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