What is a good food to eat before you go to bed

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Warm milk and foods high in the amino acid tryptophan, such as bananas, may help you to sleep. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-food-to-eat-before-you-go-to-bed ]
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What’s a good food to eat before you go to bed?
Turkey is great to make you sleepy. It contains L-tryptophan which is documented to induce sleepiness.
Can the foods you eat before you go to bed affect dreams?
It usually will only affect you if you are having digestion problem or you ate so much you are feeling uneasy. You can eat ice cream before, but if it doesn’t affect you so much, it won’t affect you. If you felt so much pleasure with your i…
Does eating food right before you go to bed give you crazy dreams…?
Indeed, it does. This is the main reason why they say that, “In the morning, eat like a king; at lunch – like a queen; and at night, eat like a poor old slave”. Though cliche, that olden time saying definitely has a lot of sense…

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Do you eat food before you go to bed?
Q: I’ve been doing this lately – like having popcorn or cereal. The cereal is fine and I sleep well from it, but the popcorn makes my tummy full and tends to make me sleep restlessly. What foods do you eat and what happens when you do?I don’t think I’m going to eat before bed anymore – it usually winds up being uncomfortable.How is drinking tea before bed?
A: I am drinking some tea with honey that greatbut do not eat because you will full unhealthy and will have trouble sleeping
Is there a good food I can eat before bed time?
Q: I work evenings and dinner time is close to bed time. I’ve heard you should never eat right before bed because you don’t have a chance to work the calories off. Thanks!
A: Going to bed on a full stomach isn,t healthy and will often cause other problems like indigestion, and discomfort, leads to sleeplessness etc.Good foods to eat near bedtime are a little piece of chicken, steamed preferable, a bowl of custard and fruit.a small plate of cheese and nuts bread stick,.Yoghurt, cream cheese with water crackers etc.Try to eat a main meal at lunch time, & take the time to have some kind of healthy snack at smoko or whatever the last break before going home.like a bowl of salad with cheese, flaked salmon, or chicken roll & salad etc. so to not be extra hungry.Then not needing to eat much when you get home.Sleep well.Have good breakfast, ( light) and good heavier meal at lunchtime,
Is it bad to eat food before bed?
Q: For some reason I always get hungry just before i go to bed, and cant sleep if im hungry so i usually have a bowl of cereal or a light snack before bed. Is it ok to eat before going to sleep or is it a bad idea? If so, how do i get out of the habit of eating before bed? Thanks
A: It’s not necessarily bad but it is harder for your body to digest the food at night. It is best to leave three hours after eating before going to bed. When you sleep, if your body has to spend energy digesting the food you will not only have less-productive sleep but you could wake up with cramps, gas, or bloating.If you still feel hungry before bed I would recommend chewing a piece of gum or having a mint. This normally will trick your body into feeling like you’ve eaten something. You could also drink some hot tea (decaf) before bed to relax you. I think i n your case the key is to have something with flavor to satisfy your hunger as opposed to actually eating something.I hope I helped! good luck 🙂
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