What is a healthy relationship

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A healthy relationship is made of mutual respect, trust, honesty, support, fairness, seperate identities, & good communication. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-healthy-relationship ]
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Healthy relationships are a big part of human social life and should be equal and reciprocal. Work on a healthy relationship and give it time and space to develop with Read More
A healthy relationship is one in which both people have mutual respect and love for each other. Each person can put the needs of the other above their own when necessary, but each person can also learn to trust and rely on their partner as …
A healthy relationship doesn’t make you feel miserable. You don’t need to endlessly obsess about issues over which you have no control, such as “Will he ever leave his wife so that we can be married, even after his children graduate …

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What do you think a healthy relationship is?
Q: Ok im in this relationship and i was wondering if it was a good healthy relationship so personally, what do you think a healthy relationship is? like what does it need to be healthy and last long?
A: healthy is the key word here..I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s not a good thing not to argue … fighting is part of communication, establishes that both parties have a take and a say in the relationship and allows you to avoid bottling things up inside you … in fact, my sociology class in college had interesting facts about it, and couples that bicker actually are more likely to wind up togetherI also think laughter is sooooo important to relationships … I know guys try to come across smooth and laughter is how they appear “cool” and get girls to relax, but that usually dies down once they have what they want … laughter is essential to providing those light hearted moments in relationshipsTRUST is the one key thing … without trust, you have nothing …
I’m doing an essay on maintaining a healthy relationship. What would be a good thesis statement?
Q: Will this be a good thesis statement?A healthy relationship takes time, communication, faith, love, and the ability to understand each other.
A: That is a decent beginning statement. Otherwise here is another idea, “To maintain a healthy relationship, many factors are essential such as” cooperation, trust, communication, plus an open mind.” Good Luck!
Is there really a cut out definition for a healthy relationship?
Q: Or isn’t it subjective? Could you tell me what is a healthy relationship for you?
A: The notion that there is a “cut-out” standard of a healthy relationship is more than likely based on the internalization seemingly “healthy and happy” relationships from 20th and 21st century television, film, and general pop culture. For instance, the sitcom usually depicts a happy and healthy relationship, where problems are solved in 22 minutes. Ask yourself if you’ve ever met anyone with a healthy relationship. You can probably pick out a few couples. But if you spend time examining their unique situations, it will become apparent that they are just that: unique situations. There is no such thing as a prescriptive, or “cut out” definition for a healthy relationship. It IS entirely subjective.
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