What is a healthy weekly weight loss

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About 2 to three pounds per week until reaching your goal. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-healthy-weekly-weight-loss ]
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What is a healthy weekly weight loss
About 2 to three pounds per week until reaching your goal.
What is a healthy weight loss per week?
A healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs (0.5-1kg) each week. Losing weight faster than this can indicate a fad diet and it will be difficult to maintain the weight loss in the long term as the lbs will pile back on once you return to old habits. A…
How many pounds of weight loss a week is healthy??
Secondly are you just starting to loss weight and are you on any type of program. Weekly weight loss can very from person to person dpending a variety of things. The us to say that 2 should be a reasonable limit but research has shown that …

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What is the best way to lose significant weight fast?
Q: I’m 26 mom of 2 and have been dieting since November with some mild exercise thrown in. I have Jillian Michael’ss 30 day shred workout tape and have been doing that quite regualarly. I’ve always been a bigger lady but healthy. Last year I noticed I got winded easily so I decided to do something about it unfortunately its not going as I had hoped. I was hoping for a 50-80lb drop by August but I seem to be roller coasting on weight loss to weight gain weekly. I’m hungry all the time and no amount of gum chewing and water drinking is lessening the hunger. So i’m wondering is appetite supressants worth looking into? I have 2 small children 3 and 4 and work part time so money is a little tight and if I’m going to spend the money on a product I want to be sure it’ll work. Anyone have any experience with this type of problem? What worked best for you? I’ve read a ton of reviews but I’m still not sure if something like this would work for me…I’ve looked into adipex (very expensive), also wondering about slim shots? anything over the counter that works would be awesome to know about. Thanks!
A: You don’t say what kind of eating plan you’ve been following but if you find yourself hungry all the time I’m wondering if you’re getting enough calories dailyt? When you cut your calories too low you cause a slowdown in your metabolism, a slowdown in your weight loss and you will feel hungry! You need to see what you should be eating to lose weight.You might want to try eating small, frequent meals every 3 to 4 hours and make sure you include a complete protein (like chicken, turkey, eggs, low fat dairy, etc.) and a whole grain. When you include high fiber foods you’ll stay fuller longer and eating often will keep your metabolism working at its peak level and should help keep you from getting so hungry.There are a lot of supplements available, but in the long run I think you’ll have more luck with tweaking your eating habits for better results.I’ve included a resource below that will show you what you can be eating to lose weight.Good luck,D.J. Dixon
Is it healthy to lose 5-6 pounds a week?
Q: Im workout out daily to tae bo boot camp, and i have lost 6 pounds one week and 4 another, but i was wondering if it was healthy losing 5-6 pounds every week just by workout out a lot. What is the healthy weekly weight loss?
A: yes, that is healthy if you are staying on a good diet. but most people lose a lot more weight the first few weeks, its water weight. You will probably progressively slow down to more like 3-4 lbs a week as you continue.
Healthy weight loss routine?
Q: Im 15 and weigh 128 poundsid like to lose weight, but i want to be healthy while i do it. During the week, with schoolwork and friends i have a hard time going out and exercising, other then walking home from school (25 minute walk).What are some things i could do at home to exercise, and some other things for the weekend? What is a good daily routine? As for food, my parents only shop at whole foods and i eat pretty healthy. If someone could post a weekly routine of diet and exercise for me that would be greatt! thanks :]
A: Whatever you do, DON’T use weight loss pills! That’s not the way to lose weight, especially for someone like you who doesn’t weigh that much anyway! Plus those drugs won’t help your health. You’re young enough to take control of your health in a more positive way.I’d recommend just light exercise, since your eating habits seem healthy enough anyway. If you diet as well, then you’d lose too much weight too fast, and you’d end up like a stick insect.Jogging is the best way to lose weight and tone up fast. Though if you think that you might not be fit enough to jog then try this – Time yourself – Jog slowly for 2 mins, then walk for 3 mins. Then jog for another 2 minutes and walk for 3 minutes again. Repeat this about ten times. As you keep doing this, maybe three times a week, then its remarkable how quickly you’ll build up resistance and fitness and lose pounds too. Eventually you’ll be able to jog for much longer. But if you don’t want to leave the house, then i’d recommend buying some light weights, or using tins of food if you cant get weights, and then doing lots of curl repetitions. Anything that works up a sweat is good. But make sure you keep eating enough, and whatever you do, don’t take pills. Those are for lazy clinically obese people. So take control now whilst you’re still young, and then these habits will last a lifetime, and allow you to have a healthy life when you’re older. I started exercising when i was in my mid teens, as i was a little overweight too, and it was the best decision i made as i am much healthier and happier now. Just build an exercise routine, nothing too strenuous, and you’ll reap the rewards. It’s amazing how quickly you can tone up by just doing a light jog every once in a while.So please be sensible, because it sounds to me like you’re fine as you are anyway!
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