What is a hotdog made out of

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Hotdogs are made of meat, meat fat, a “cereal filler”, little egg white, spices (onion, garlic, salt, pepper, etc.) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-hotdog-made-out-of ]
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What is a hotdog made out of?
You really don’t want to know. It would ruin them for you the rest of your life.
What’s In A Hot Dog?
That is almost impossible we took a trip to a factory that produces hotdogs and I stopped at that point eating them, I do eat beef hot dogs,meat hotdogs have everything you could imagine in them all kinds of meat scraps,if you ever saw them…
How hotdog are made?
It depends on the hotdog …. I know that’s a wishy washy looking answer but it’s true. Go to the supermarket and look at the ingredients listed on the labels of all the different types. Typically the cheap nasty ones (coming in a tin can i…

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What is a Hotdog really made out of?
Q: And why did people bother to call it a Hotdog?
A: Depends. Some are pork, some are beef, some are a mix. Either way, they use the less glamorous bits of the animal. Hotdogs are a great way to use leftover meat scraps – both for the hotdog itself and the casing. Other than meat, there are usually non-meat fillers, spices, and lots of salt. If you want a healthier or higher-quality hotdog, go for a kosher hotdog. I don’t eat much meat, but when I do I only go for kosher or halal cuts – they are *much* better than regular meats! (I don’t keep kosher or halal.)
what is a hotdog made out of?
Q: no one will tell meeeee
A: You really don’t want to know. It would ruin them for you the rest of your life.
Is there a certain bologna thats not made out of the same thing as hotdog?
Q: Names would be helpful.
A: Bologna and hot dogs are both made from the same process and same ingredients. They are in essence the same thing. I personally prefer German style bologna which tends to be a bit more garlicky. Mortadella is another bologna like product, but with more seasoning and garlic. Lastly, Lebanon bologna is almost like a cross of salami and bologna and highly seasoned.
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