What is a kcal

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A kcal (kilocalorie) represents 1000 calories of energy, and is equal to 4184 Joules. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-kcal ]
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1000 calories/ kilocalorie
No. Kcal = Calorie it’s just like the unit you see on a food lable. calorie = the energy required to increase ONE GRAM of water one degree Celsius. Calorie = energy required to raise ONE KILOGRAM of water one degree Celsius.
This is a typical example of my Swedish origins creating confusion. A calorie is a very small unit, defined as the heat required to heat a gram of water one Celsius degree. Nowadays the scientists use Joule instead. What we in nutrition ref…

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How any kcal or kilocalorie should ones burn in one day? My running machine gives reading in kilocalorie?
Q: My weight is aroung 62kilos and i’m 5″8. I have manual running machine and it gives kcal reading only. I ran approx 20 minutes daily and burn approx 35kcal. How many kcal or kilocalorie should i required to burn in one day?
A: you should definately burn more than that in 20 minutes usually a 20 minute run burns more than that, but here’s a website that can help with calorie counting when exercising. http://www.thefitmap.co.uk/exercise/tools/videos/arm-exercises.htmgood luck
What is the difference between an kcal and a calorie?
Q: I am going to France and they use kcals. Is there a difference between a kcal and a calorie?
A: There is no difference. In normal usage a Calorie is really 1000 calories. The calories indicated on a package and diet books is in reality 1000 calories.
How many Calories (kcal) will you burn if you drink 3 Liters of water with a mass of 3 kg?
Q: How many Calories (kcal) of heat are necessary to bring the temperature of 3 liters of ice-water to your body temperature? 100 F or 32 C.
A: first the equation for specific heat capacity in needed:ΔQ = (m)(c)(ΔT ) where ΔQ is heat energy, m is mass of substance in grams, c is specific heat capacity, ΔT is temp. difference. body temp is 37 Celsius and ice water is around 0 C, so ΔT=37, c=1 kcal/kg for water, & your mass is 3 kg.(3 kg)(1 kcal/kg)(37)=111 kcal.By the way, this Q belongs in the chemistry section for future reference.
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