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Vitamin B5 is also known as Pantothenic Acid. An organic compound, part of the vitamin B complex, essential in animal metabolism.Found in all living cells and tissues, in animals it occurs in the combined form called coenzyme A. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-b5 ]
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B5 is a diesel blend that contains 5% biodiesel and 95% petroleum diesel. The City of Portland passed a Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that requires all diesel sold within the City to contain 5% biodiesel.
“B5” symbolizes the platform code for the 5th generation Volkswagen Passat. The “B” simply stands for VW’s Passat line, and the “5” stands for the 5th generation of production (5th body style/platform). The B5 …
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Q: when is B5 coming 2 sacramento???????? i have 2 know! does anybody have their concert dates? thanxb5 is a group of 5 brothers. there is dustin breeding, kelly breeding, patrick breeding, carnell breeding, and bryan breeding. the sing pop and R&B musicthey are teenage brothers.
A: go to their myspace page and the schedule is on there.♥
How many milligrams of vitamin B5 do you take for acne?
Q: I’ve heard of people with acne having success taking vitamin B5 supplements. I know that some dermatologists prescribe different vitamin B formulations. How many milligrams of vitamin B5 do you take?
A: You need extremely high dosages of B5 in order for the plan to be effective, with between 10 and 20 grams a day (note, that is grams, not milligrams) being the most widely recommended dose. There are many reports that, if taken in these high doses, it may cause more harm than good. excessively large doses of B5 can lead to chronic fatigue, constant headaches and a general inability for the body to heal itself in the normal way. The proponents of the theory counter-claim that, since B5 is a water soluble vitamin, any unused excess will be secreted by the body, so there is no risk involved. While this is true to a certain extent, the fact is that the doses recommended by the supporters of the B5 theory are just too high for this to happen in reality. Your body simply does not have the capability of processing such massive amounts of any vitamin that quickly, and so the B5 will remain in your body long enough to cause the kind of problems that seem to be most commonly associated with it. Most importantly, it is important to understand that everything that happens inside your body is about maintaining a healthy balance, and that the more balanced your system is, the more healthy you are. For example, your body needs both calcium and phosphorus to stay healthy, but it needs them in balance with one another. Get the balance wrong, and it is every bit as bad for you as not having them at all. If you try to take in excessively high levels of any particular B vitamin, your body will react by attempting to leech all the other B vitamins out of your body to maintain the correct balance. So, your body ‘sucks up’ vitamins B3 and B6 from wherever it can find them, for example, and as these are key vitamins for controlling and regulating the levels of energy in your body, hence you get the feeling of being permanently tired. A much better and safer alternative is the Clear Pores Herbal Skin Supplements that contain everything your body needs to healthy, glowing skin. You can find out more by going to http://offto.net/clearpores.comYou can also find out more about Natural Acne Cures by downloading the free e-book at http://www.infoguides101.com/acne.html
Where can I join a Washington street team for B5?
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A: pray for the answer
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