What is better for you green tea or black

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Researchers have recently decided that black tea is just as good for you as green tea. For unlimited questions call 1.800.2ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-better-for-you-green-tea-or-black ]
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Is green tea better than black tea?
Yes. For maximum health benefits it often is. Fresh green tea leaves contain the highest polyphenol amounts. All teas – black, green and oolong are from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, and contain polyphenols. It’s the amount of processi…
Green Tea vs Black Tea – Which Is Better?
Which tea is better – green tea or black tea? As we all know, green tea is a very powerful weapon against several illnesses. But how about black tea? Do we also get health benefits from it? Black tea does have several health benefits b…
Which is better green tea, black tea, or white tea?
I think black tea tastes better Green tea is good for energy, metabolism booster I think white tea is the healthiest route though.

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Whats better green tea or black tea?
Q: I went on Customleaf.com and they offer every kind of tea. Should I pick green tea or black tea? Can someone please go onto customleaf.com and pick the better one?Customleaf.com
A: Try them both in small quantities and find out which one you like best
which is better green tea, black tea, or white tea?
A: I think black tea tastes betterGreen tea is good for energy, metabolism boosterI think white tea is the healthiest route though.
Which tea is better, red tea, green tea, black tea and yellow tea? and Why?
A: Green tea, yellow tea, and black tea are all made from the same plant, the camellia sinensis, also called the tea plant. The difference between the three types of tea is basically how heavily they are processed. Black tea is the most processed, and is completely fermented. Green tea is only slightly fermented and lightly processed, while yellow tea is a little bit more processed tea than green tea. Because it is the least processed, green tea is the healthiest tea of the ones you mention. The reason is that the healthy substances in the teas, called antioxidants, are reduced the more the tea is processed. All teas contain antioxidants, but a heavily processed tea like black tea will have lost more of the antioxidants than green tea. Essentially, the closer a tea is to its natural state, the more of its healty properties it retains. Red tea (sometimes called rooibos) is made from a different plant, and is strictly speaking not a tea, but a herbal infusion. It does also contain antioxidants, but not in the strong concentrations found in green and black tea.The healthiest tea of all is the white tea, which is made from very young buds of the tea plant. It is the least processed of all the teas, and contains up to three times as much antioxidants as green tea.
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