What is food coloring made of

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McCormick’s red food coloring contains: water, propylene glycol, FD&C Reds # 40 and 3, and .1% propylparaben (preservative). Would you like info for other colors or brands? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-food-coloring-made-of ]
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If you are wondering what is food coloring made of, the truth is some pf the colors are made with crushed beetles from Central and South American. There is also some food coloring that is made from artificial chemicals and even some that ar…
Food Coloring It depends on what kind of food coloring you’re talking about. Some are artificial chemicals, some — like the pink that colors your strawberry yogurt — is made from crushed bugs. You need to be more specific in your question…
There’s a tremendous range of food coloring choices that can be used in manufactured goods and in some cases available to home cooks to add extra color to baked goods or frosting. The question of what food color contains depends widely on t…

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Is there a food coloring made of pork?
Q: such as food coloring yellow 5
A: http://www.caringconsumer.com/resources_ingredients_list.asp
What is food coloring made of? Could I use it as a watercolor paint and expect it to last 100 years?
Q: I’m looking for a good transperant color agent.
A: Food coloring is neither lightfast nor colorfast. You cannot expect it to last 100 years. I wouldn’t bet on it lasting 10.Why not real artists’ watercolors, or even colored inks if you want something very transparent?http://www.dickblick.com/zz211/22/
What is food coloring made of?
Q: I never really knew, I heard that it is not healthy for you too.
A: well, since you asked….red food color is made from dried cochlear beetles, green is often made from grasshoppers, the yellows and blues are synthetic, but sometimes have animal byproducts in them. I havent used food color in many years-dont need it for a thing. I prefer my food to be in its natural state and color. People will tell you that its not true about bugs being used, but if you google it, you will find proof that it is.
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