What is macrobiotic food

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Macrobiotic food: a diet that is aimed at restoring and maintaining health by considering the energetic qualities of food. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-macrobiotic-food ]
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How to Buy Mail-Order Macrobiotic Food
・ 1 Order organic produce from a reputable seller if you can’t find a good supply of it at home. While… ・ 2 Find your whole grains and beans in bulk amounts, ordering from any number of online health food stores… ・ 3 Search for raw food…
Does macrobiotics involve specific cooking and food preparation m…?
Macrobiotic diets recommend cooking with pots, pans, and utensils made only from certain materials. Glass, wood, stainless steel, ceramic, and enamel cookware all are considered acceptable materials for cookware. People who practice the die…
Can Macrobiotic foods help you lose weight?
Yes and in a healthy way, if you are careful not to eat too much oil, salt or flour products.

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Macrobiotic food?
Q: Looking for cheap book on macrobiotic food, or website. Used to love it in late 60s, then it seemed to disappear or be absorbed in vegetarian places. I work long irregular shifts now as a care worker and need some ideas on foods I can take with me to work. I only get a half-hour break so I can’t linger. I take organic soups, fruit, energy bars, organic walnuts etc but would like to have a bit more choice. I don’t have a lot of time for preparation either. Sorry to be difficult! Also need ideas for food to cook for my family when I get a day off work. I am really trying hard to avoid processed foods etc. Also, any ideas on what to drink with a family meal? Organic wine? Can I get out into the countryside (what there is left now) and pick things and concoct a drink? Be grateful for a serious response. Barry.
A: Macrobiotic just means to eat local fresh seasonal food. Do not eat food out of season or imported food. Cook and create your dishes very simply. Basically, this was taken from the traditional Japanese diet, but could easily be any traditional diet from around the would as they were all at one time Macrobiotic, thus, local, fresh, simple, healthy, etc. I love the books by Michio and Aveline Kushi. I believe George Osawa coined the phrase macrobiotic. Pretty good work to have created, but these days, more people are so unintellectual that they shy away from any word that they do not understand, or that has too many syllables, or sounds foreign etc.http://www.gomf.macrobiotic.nethttp://www.kushiinstitute.org
what kind of food do you eat on a macrobiotic diet?
Q: And what kind of foods are you supposed to avoid?
A: The macrobiotic diet as we know it is a modern incarnation of several different cultural concepts about food thrown together. The central pillar is to avoid those foods that are extreme (salty verses sweet, for example). Often likened to the Daoist concept of Yin/Yang, the macrobiotic diet strives to encompass all food without over indulging in any particular type. Often considered vegetarian, it is not always and fish can be a part of the macro diet. Meat other than seafood is allowed to slip by occasionally (but not by all people on the diet) but is typically something to be avoided. Another significant part of the diet is in its effort to eat locally and with the seasons in an attempt to eat as we naturally would.Much of what comprises the basis for a plant based diet is the same in a macro diet. That is, whole grains, legumes, leafy greens and other vegetables, etc. Absent from a macro diet, however, is discussion of social issues concerning the meat industry, treatment of animals, and health concerns in meat outside of the macro worldview.
Does anyone know of a good webiste to learn about the basics of whole food or macrobiotic cooking?
A: See this for making the healthist foods. Then links page has link to many recipes near top and one at the very bottom has lots of healthy recipes.http://phifoundation.org
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