What is the best diet food

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The best diet foods are anything not processed, like lean meats and dairy, fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-diet-food ]
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What is the best diet food?
Beans, brown rice, whole grain foods, fruits, and vegetables. A wide variety of these foods will provide you with a full complement of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. These are high in fiber and will give you a full feeling because they t…
What food is good for a diet..?
not really sure if it is or not, BUT generally foods with lots of protein and fiber and low in sodium and saturated fat are excellent for you. Like salmon or broccoli, try to stay away from putting foods in butter as much as possible, and r…
How to Find the Best Diet Food Delivery Service
・ 1 Consider your current weight loss-eating plan. The best diet food delivery service will complement… ・ 2 Ask your weight loss coach, personal trainer or weight loss consultant for recommendations. Your weight… ・ 3 Determine your budg…

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What is the best diet food for cats?
Q: My cat is obese-he came in as a skinny feral cat a few years ago and gorged! After that, although he had around the same amount of food as my other (not fat) cats he continued to increase in size.For the last year or so he has been on a weight reducing dry food as suggested by the vet. After an initial weight loss, he put the weight back on again even though he was still on the diet and just won’t lose an ounce. He weighs over 8kg.
A: A couple of ideas… all assuming that your cat is now indoors only, with a special note at tip 7:1. Feed the reducing diet (“r/d”) exclusively– don’t mix it with other types of cat foods. It’s okay to feed dry and canned varieties, but remember that if you offer the kitty some canned food as a treat, you need to take away a similar amount (calorie-wise) from his dry food. Also, while it’s okay to give an OCCASIONAL SMALL treat, the treats need to be just that– occasional and small, and the calories need to be subtracted from his regular food ration.2. Speaking of ration, it’s best to feed only at specific meal times, rather than just filling the bowl and letting the cats graze all day long. Let’s face it– we humans would be huge if we had free access to the buffet 24/7 while living a life of leisure! Better idea: dish out a set amount of food, in two separate bowls, and give the cats a short period to eat… say, an hour. Then pick up the food and don’t put it out again until the next feeding. You can feed an adult cat twice a day and they will be fine. You can also note how much you feed in a serving and whether the cat eats it all during that mealtime. If you feed a 1/2 cup at breakfast and there is some left over, reduce the next day’s breakfast by the amount that’s left. Note how much the cats eat in the meal period and offer just that much– no more, no less. And don’t allow begging or stealing from human plates! And tell everyone else in the home not to give in. 3. Watch to make sure that the bigger cat isn’t bolting his food then going for seconds off the other cat’s meal. Feed in separate rooms, if necessary. (Bonus: your cats’ teeth will benefit, as well, from having a chance for the mouth to cleanse itself rather than being constantly exposed to food. How would YOUR teeth be if YOU ate all day long and NEVER brushed? ICK!!)4. On the subject of food types, dry food is more calorie-dense than wet food. A 1/2 cup of dry food has more calories than the same 1/2 cup of canned food. Why? Canned food has a lot of water in it. In fact, most canned food is 75% water by volume! Put another way, dry food is roughly 4 times as calorie-dense per volume as the same canned food. While there is really nothing wrong with feeding dry food (IMO), it’s important to remember how rich these dry foods really are. Think about this– a wild cat eats fresh, moist prey. Not dry pellets. While the hunter cat might score a hefty feast, he gets a fair amount of calorie-free water to go with it. Plus, the hunter has had to work a while for his meal. That’s why wild and even feral cats are often rather lean. You might try feeding one meal of dry food and the other as canned food… be sure it’s the r/d (or whatever low-cal diet your vet prescribed) either way. If the cat won’t eat canned, don’t worry.5. Break out the laser pointer, the ping-pong balls or the cat-fishing rod. Just as good, brisk exercise helps us to stay fit and trim, it will do the same for your cat. It might take some encouragement to get them up and moving, but once they get going… they’ll have a blast! Another idea: if you have a shower stall with a shower door, close the door almost all the way– leave it open just enough for your cats to go in and out– and lob a few ping-pong balls in there. They’ll make some cool noises as they bounce around, and many cats will enjoy a game of “cat racquetball”. Plus, the game can last longer in the shower stall because the balls won’t get lost under the sofa. It gets boring if your toys get lost! My Tonk loves bathtub handball!!6. If the weight still won’t come off, and you haven’t been cheating on kitty’s diet and exercise plan, it IS worth having bloodwork done. While it’s much more common for cats to have an overactive thyroid (and weight LOSS), it is still possible for them to have an underactive thyroid and weight gain. In fact, we have several cats in our practice that have underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), and they take supplemental thyroid hormone. Cats can also have diabetes. Again, this is often associated with weight loss, but not always. There are other metabolic and endocrine problems that can cause weight gain.7. VERY IMPORTANT!! Do NOT crash-diet your cat! Cat weight loss must be done GRADUALLY. Obese cats especially are at risk of serious liver problems if they lose weight too fast. What can happen when a cat stops eating or is on a super-strict diet is that the cat’s body to begin to use fat stores as fuel. Cats are inefficient users of fat (their livers are not good at transforming fat into energy). Because the cat doesn’t utilize the fat well, it begins to accumulate in the liver cells, eventually interfering with their ability to function. The medical name for this is HEPATIC LIPIDOSIS, or just “fatty liver disease”. Cats that have this condition will die, in most instances, without appropriate treatment. Treatment for fatty liver disease is long and slow, requiring hospitalization at first and lots of home care– force feeding or often a feeding tube. It’s no fun for anyone. So, slow and easy is the name of the game in cat weight loss.8. Remember that cats are individuals. Some cats have a higher caloric need than others (a faster metabolism). Your big cat may not need as many calories to maintain weight than your smaller cat. Plain and simple– he may not need to eat as much as the smaller one to keep his weight. Also remember that your big cat went from an active, feral lifestyle where he was expending lots of calories to a life of leisure with less energy expenditure. His caloric needs changed when his lifestyle changed. Hope this helps– if you need more ideas, or if you have other concerns about his health, please call your vet.
What is the best diet cat food?
Q: I’m going to adopt a cat who is REALLY fat, and I’m looking for a very effective diet food to feed her.She loves to lay at peoples feet, especially mine ><It’d make playing with her a lot easier.
A: Quality foods don’t have the word “diet” on the bag because they don’t have anything in them that will make a cat fat. Don’t buy “diet” foods.Feed this cat a food with MEAT as the main ingredient and little to no grain. Some excellent brands include Innova Evo, Petcurean Go! Natural, Blue Buffalo Wilderness. All three of these are 50% meat protein and ZERO grain. Also give the cat quality canned food made with chicken, turkey or duck daily. In fact, you may want to feed JUST canned at first.Until chubby cat’s down to a healthy weight don’t free freed him – just put a very small handful of dry food out twice a day and split one of the tiny cans of food into two or three servings. Then once he’s slimmed up a bit you can leave the healthy dry food out. Even if he grazes during the day on it it won’t pack on the pounds like the cheap dry foods that are made mostly of corn. My Persian’s been eating these foods for the past three years and his weight is always the same – 10.9 pounds. And he nibbles a bit all day long.Get toys that you can wave and he can chase. NOT a laser pointer – those are VERY frustrating for cats as its prey they can never catch. Get “lure” toys with a pole, string and toy on the end. Tinsel/feather wands are great, too. Not only will playing with him daily give him much-needed exercise but it’ll bond him to you.Do have a vet check him out as soon as you get him. Obesity can lead to a myriad of health issues including diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, kidney problems, etc.Here’s more on helping a cat lose weight the RIGHT way – http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.php?action=library&act=show&item=therightweightlossprogramforcats
what is the best combination of balanced diet food you can have/prepare or buy after a tooth extraction?
Q: I have got two wisdom teeth taken out on the right side. but i can eat on the left side. i am just having just water, smoothie and tomato soup…but i feel its not enough…I’d like to know if there a good combination of balanced diet food to have ,would be nice if u have experienced them personally though. Thank you for your detailed answers 🙂
A: It won’t be long before you can eat normally so don’t worry about a balanced diet – it won’t matter for a day or two. How about mashing a banana with a fork in a bowl? This is very easy to eat and nourishing. You could add some milk, cream, yogurt, honey etc, whatever you fancy. Soft cheese is easy to eat, and so is peanut butter – eat it off a spoon. And there are lots of other soups besides tomato – choose some with meat and veg if you’re concerned. Grilled fish is also easy to eat, & you can adda bit of nice sauce to help it along. How about tinned rice pudding? Hate it myself but lots of people love it. Scrambled egg is full of protein and dead easy to eat without much chomping. Get some fresh apricots or plums. take the stones out and squash them into a puree – delicious. Good luck and hope you soon feel better.Real food is always better for you than prepared diet stuff, whose main purpose is to make money for the manufacturer. Hop your mouth soon feels better.
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