What is the best fruit for loosing weight

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All fruit is pretty much considered equal and very beneficial for weight loss. Have a great day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-fruit-for-loosing-weight ]
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Is an all fruit diet good for loosing weight and for your health??
you should eat a balanced diet… fruits alone will not give you all the nourishment you need… you should make sure your body gets all the necessary nutrients it requires… am not sure whats available in the markets…but, this is what i…
Which fruit is better to eat when trying to loose weight??
pineapple, its an antioxidant fruit so it will help you to lose weight
What foods are the best to loose weight with, like what meats, fr…?
Krystine, If you know you have terrible eating habits- then you know that you can make them …

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grape fruit juice is good for loosing weight?
Q: is grape fruit juice is good for loosing weight?
A: No, it’s full of sugar. When trying to lose weight you should never drink your calories. Water is the way to go.
is an all fruit diet good for loosing weight and for your health?
Q: is the fruitarian diet good for you?
A: you should eat a balanced diet… fruits alone will not give you all the nourishment you need… you should make sure your body gets all the necessary nutrients it requires… am not sure whats available in the markets…but, this is what i did to lose weight… PLEASE DONT TAKE PILLS… pills are nothing but anorectic agents… they make you feel less hungry… there is no way to loose weight fast… though , sauna , steam and massages help slightly… it has to be combined with diet and excercise… pills are very bad in the long run… can lead to impotency and infertility…i lost 10 kgs in about 5 months time… i am getting married in august and i desperately needed to loose weight… i was 65 kilos when i started… according to my BMI , i was 10kgs + overweight… i stand 5’2.odd and 65 kilos is grossly overweight…just dieting wont help like i found out in my case… diet + exercise will do the trick…i’ll tell you what i did… it worked for me… hope it works for you too :)the trick is not to starve but to eat smart 🙂 and stay healthy :)what you should cut down :oil , butter , cheese , margarine , mayonisse , sauces (depends , will get back to that a bit later), chips , crisps, nuts , chocolates , sugar , cola, fizz , areated drinks ,ice creams , chocolate , alcohol , cakes and everything else thats hi – cal… you’ll need to avoid everything thats sweet , oily and sticky… if you are not sure about what foods to avoid… check the net…loads of info available…vegetables / meat to avoid :potatoes – very very important , beetroot (its a root and has concenterated sugar in it) , all kinds of roots basically except carrot… avoid lamb, mutton , pork , beef, and prawns… all these put on weight… eat only lean meats… thats fish and chicken.. avoid eating egg yolk… eat just the egg white…fruits to avoid :mangoes , bananas , jackfruitnow that we had a look at what foodstuff is to be avoided…you might be wondering if there is anythig at all that you can eat… thats how i felt… there is loads of stuff you can eat actually :)here they come :)fast foods are a big no no… you can order salads and special lo cal foods that are avaailable in most outlets…its best to eat at home for the period you are dieting and trying to lose weight…after those few months… once you’ve shed your load…you can get back to your usual lifestyle… of course with some caution…my diet…breakfast:skimmed milk (use skimmmed milk , is low in fat , other typer of milk are higher in fat content) , fruit… i am from India… am not sure where you are from and hence you might not understand certain food types we consume here… but let me tell you something… Indian food is very very oily and very difficult to diet…and try cereal in the mornings… weetabix… etc… have a good breakfast…alwaays use brown bread… whole wheat brown bread is very good for weight reduction…for lunch , we are staple rice eaters… rice is bad for fat reduction… but i still took rice because its a habit tht cant be changed… everyone takes rice here… so… rice – one cup – 100gms and lots of veggies cooked in less oil.. and absolutely no coconut and curry with less oil… all in all keep your oil intake to 2 tea spoons everyday… that would be just for seasoning… also using olive oil helps a lot…then for dinner… compulsarily have wheat… pasta is a good option…but make sure you buy wheat pasta… check before buying… and of course in pasta absolutely no sauces… some varities of sauces are acceptable… as far as they dont have cheese , butter , oil ,mayonisse and fattening substances in general… you can use tomato spicy sauces etc… make sure your sugar intake doesnt cross 2 – 3 spoons per day… (not tablespoons) and no butter and ghee of course… eat a lot of fruits and vegetables… and all kinds of cereal… if you are hungry… eat a fruit… or you can eat stuff like puffed wheat and puffed rice… but no puffed corn… corn products again put on weight…eat sandwiches as much as possible… i dont know which part of the world you are from and hence cant suggest much for you in terms of recepies…and combined with dieting… you need to excercise for atleast an hour everyday… you’ll see the difference…defenitely… if you think gym is boring… take up dance classes… or run along the beach… if you have one… or skate… or just about any physical activity… brisk walking will also help…the key is to stay healthy while you diet and lose weight…drink loads of water…atleast 6 glasses per day… and do a lot of physical activity…. take the stairwy instead of the lift…. and small things like that…if you have any more queries…mail me… cheers 🙂 and good luck 🙂 its not difficult…you’ll get used to it in a few days… and of course the results are fab:) who doesnt want a great looking body…you can get back to your normal lifestyle once you slim down… after that… its just eating what you like and burning it out the next day with just a little bit of excercise :)Source(s):personal exp 🙂
Will eating fruit salad everyday for lunch help me to loose weight?
Q: I’ve lost 13 pounds since April and I want to loose more! If I replace sandwiches & junk with a fruit salad everyday for lunch, will I loose more weight? Is eating fruit everyday healthy for you? Do I have to watch my portions even though it’s fruit & fruit is supossed to be good for you? Is there any fruit that is not good for you while trying to loose weight?
A: Fruit is good for you but it also has a lot of natural sugar so you have to eat it in moderation like everything else. Please email me & let me know how you lost the 1st 13. I’ve got 25 to lose & I’m about to stop eating altogether.
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