What is the best thing for me to do to lose 6 pounds in 1 day

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That is not possible exercise is crucial to weight loss. Join a good gym that lets you work with weights. It will help you build muscle and your metabolism rate will increase. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-thing-for-me-to-do-to-lose-6-pounds-in-1-day ]
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What is the best thing for me to do to lose 6 pounds in 1 day?
That is not possible exercise is crucial to weight loss. Join a good gym that lets you work with weights. It will help you build muscle and your metabolism rate will increase.

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Q: Ok so i apologize but this is going to be really long..ttc since feb 08Last AF 3/28/09 5 days reg flowSpotting 4/27 for 2 daysSpotting 5/23 for 1 daySpotting 6/21 for 1/2 dayThought we did it back in march..took home test and it was positive. Went to women and infants on 4/28 after the spotting and they did a urinalysis and it came back neg. They wouldnt do any further tests, basically said your not your just crazy. So I forgot about that cycle and moved on..May came, and June came..and the day after I had the spotting in June I had a very vivid dream 2 nights in a row where i took an HPT and it was positive and someone in the dream told me to go with my gut feeling. So the next day I got an hpt and WOW it was positive ((faint but def. there within the time)) So I didnt believe it, so i got another..and another..and so on. I have a total of 10+ tests that are different brands (equate, target, clearblue easy, accuclear, dollar tree) and ALL FAINT POSITIVE. I have gotten maybe 1 negative this week after continuously testing all day..so I went back to the clinic this morning and showed them the tests and demanded answers. They did another urinalysis and wow, negative..so they did an ultrasound and she just said everything looked normal and that they can book an appt for infertility. WHAT?? I showed her all the tests and she told me that they were ALL WRONG. 10+ all wrong?! She said that unless the test line is the same color, width and looks JUST LIKE the control line then it is negative..so basically “a line is NOT a line” according to her..which goes against EVERYTHING ive read and experienced..so now i am lost. confused. and want/need answers. She said an ultrasound doesnt show up until your HCG is around 3000..so if hpts at home are just faint wouldnt an ultrasound not show anything yet? Is it possible that the spotting on 6/21 was implantation? Therefore I wouldnt be far AT ALL. ughhh..some symptoms I have are:gained 6 poundsextreme nausea thats turning to vomitting nowfatigue like crazynipples are sore and itchybbs are bigger but not soreblue veins everywhereEXCESSIVE white discharge vivid dreamsheadacheslow back achehigher bbthungry all the timepeeing at least once an hourand so much more..PLEASE HELP ANY ADVICE IS SO GREATLY APPRECIATED!!thanks and babydust to everyone!they did the internal one..and all she said was everything looks fine..she didnt say there was a sac or anything..if i had implantation on the 21st then thats only 10 days ago..ah so confused :(my gut feeling is telling me that I am pregnant..and i have treated myself as though i am..but I am scared that I am just infatuating myself with the idea of it and making things worse..it wasnt until the 21st that i started thinking about it again..i would think if it was ectopic she would have seen it in the ultrasound? **TOOK ANOTHER EQUATE BLUE HPT and it was instantly faint positive AGAIN. The line is light blue, and THICK like the control…not an evap..please help 🙁
A: honey, for your own mental health PLEASE find another clinic. you do not get that many positives that are false…… does a friend or your partner seethem too???only certain meds can make you have false positives!!!
Exercise: how do you know if you’ve done enough? Please answer!!?
Q: I want to know how much exercise I’d need to do to actually do something to my body?Okay, so here’s pretty much all you’d need to know.I’m not fat, I just want to keep my body toned up…So, how much exercise/physical activity would I need to do a day to actually get results? I’m 12 years old [my birthday is coming up in less than a month] so I’m basically 13, and I’m a girl [of course] and I weight around 120 pounds. But everyone says girls would give their right arm to have my figure, and I have a behind unlike other girls that would kill to have. People say I have a killer body, but I think I could tone up a bit, and I don’t want to end up getting bigger as I get older. You know? and I understand that it does’nt matter how much you weight as long as you look good. But, I was much happier when I weighed around 112 and I was doing a lot of activities, then I lost weight down to 109, which was awesome. Oh and I am 5’2 because I know that does matter to. So, it’s not my height.Okay, I exercise a lot in a day, usually I’ll do about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours to 2 hours in a day.Routine: I switch it up a lot, I mean I don’t do the same thing every day.1. I jump rope a lot2. I play soccer3. I stretch a lot4. I also play some football5. squats6. and a lot of other things that just keep me moving..I eat healthy, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in a day..I don’t eat white bread,or potato chips, or anything that comes out of a package, and I eat everything fresh, and I really watch what I eat, I eat a lot of salad, there’s hardly a day where I don’t eat salad, and I almost completly eliminated sugar..I don’t even crave sugary things anymore, I’ve like trained myself now.But, my point is I was just wanting to know how long it’d take to get any kind of results or if there’s anything I should change that’s unhealthy that could be bad for me because I’m so young. But I know physical activity is really good. & when I don’t exercise, I walk…Where I live there are a lot of mountains and I live high up on one, so I take walks a lot, and I heard that walking is probably the best exercise for your body because it works all of your body. & I’m not obsessing over this, I just thought why not take care of my body while I’m young.Please answer [that took a lot of my time, – and I really need an answer]Thanks :)Like I said, I don’t do them all at once. I switch it up. So, I forgot one thing..I jog some. Soo that helps to.& those didn’t exactly answer my question. I was wondering when I’d get results. lol, thanks for answering though guys. :)I’m already seeing results guys!!I have a rockin’ stomach now, it’s like perfect and flat! YAY! lol and in my thighs. :p
A: First of all I’ve got to say, I’m really amazed at the kind of control you have over your body at such a young age, it’s really something.Now you’re basically saying you want to tone up right? I can see you’re already doing a whole lot of exercise, more than you need actually. And I couldn’t possibly think of a better diet than yours. So the only thing you really need to do is eat a little bit less. A LITTLE bit less. Not too much, dont get carried away now please, I’m not saying to go on a diet or anything. I’m just saying every time you get ready to eat a meal, put a LITTLE bit back, not much.I realize I’m being very vague here, but that is because you have a solid workout regimen and an impecable diet. Honestly you do sound a bit obsessed because your stats look great and of course you’re too young to be worrying about this. You’re results will come gradually, it shouldn’t be to long, I cant give you an exact amount of time because everyone is different and how we respond to diet and excercise varies from person to person.Good luck
Will jogging tone my arms or should I strength train too?
Q: I started jogging and I do it 5 days a week and walk the other 2 days. I will usually jog 1-2 miles at a slow constant pace so I can jog through the whole mile without stopping. I will add on but I just started. I am not good at intervals so I stick with the longer duration. I am 15, 5’1 and 1/2 and 118 lbs. I lost 43 pounds in a year just by changing my diet with a little exercise but jogging has already helped me lose 2 pounds this week and its something I enjoy. I would like to lose about 6 pounds before September and tone my arms.My arms really bother me because they have a lot of fat and I was wondering if jogging would help them tone down, or should I just start doing push ups everyday or should I strength train?I only have 3 lb, and 5 lbs and 10 lb weights. Which one would work best for a beginner? – Its not so much that i want to build muscle, its just I would like to slim my arms down. But a little muscle wouldn’t bother me.And how many times a week should I do it? When should I start seeing results?Recently I heard that jogging can actually reduce results since while jogging your body uses muscle for energy. Is that true?Sorry this is long and have a lot of questions but I just want to know What is the best thing for me to do?Thank you so much!
A: You’re on the right track Kiddo! And jogging will NOT “reduce results” at all!! Keep up the jogging and walking and bring along those 3 lb weights. Make sure you are pumping your arms when you run and walk. The added weight will stress the arms, and shoulders, more and help you tone that area of your body. The additional weight will also increase your calorie burn doing your cardio and that will help rid the bodyfat on your arms too. You might want to add about 20 mins of strenght training 3 times a week, focusing on your arms. And yes, start with close arm push ups (arms shoulder width to stress the triceps). Add some tricep extension and kickbacks to work the back of your arm, and bicep curls to tone the front. Remember…you only need about 20 mins., 3 or 4 times a week. You should feel the results immediately, and start to see results within a week! Good luck and keep up the great work!!!!!
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