What is the best weight loss exercize

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The best excercises to lose weight are the ones you enjoy most. As long as you do them regularly you will lose weight. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-weight-loss-exercize ]
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The best way to loose weight is jump roping. I have tried running, biking, sit ups, and all sorts of exerices and none seemed to work as well as jump roping. Jumping rope will seriously work every muscle in the body. I’m convinced that it w…
It’s walking or running. These are not only the oldest form of exercise, but among the most healthful. Here are just a few of their benefits: ・ Running burns more calories in less time than almost any other continuous exercise. ・ A regul…
As you know, you will need to do weight loss exercise in order to lose fat effectively. In fact, regular exercising will also help to make you physically fit. Yet, most people will ask the question about what exercises they should do in ord…

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Weight loss for a 13 year old…..?
Q: I’m 13, 5’1 and 135 punds. Im not what you call obese, but not skinny enough to wear a bikini. I love myself and i dont want to change except for one thing, my weight. I want to be wearing those tight shirts girls my age wear, and if i could loose weight and flatten my tummy it would be great. I want to look great for my birthday which is the firsts days of march, so if anyone could please help me i would love that. My BMI- is 25.5, and my body fat is 42.5% and i should weigh between 95- 132 lbs. I know im only 3 lbs to be “typical weight” but i want to get skinny fast, im not athlete but i am determined to work hard and stop eating bad food. Just please give me an easy, healthy diet and exercize plan and i will pick you as best answer. Please help me, you have nothing to loose except 5 minutes of your time and would be earning 10 points and helping a desperate 13 year old loose weight.Thanks
A: I would try this workout. At the same time you will be gaining muscule and burning fat. So its awesome. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Two 5 pounds weights.* means one 5 pound weight in each hand.If you don’t have two 5 pound weights try using water bottles full of water.Workout:Stretch*20 Bench Press x3 20 squats x3*20 side arm lifts x320 crunches x320 push-ups x3*20 lunges x320 leg lifts x3Walk for 30 minsStretchStretching before your workout helps you not to pull a muscule during your workout.Stretching after your workout helps you not be AS sore afterward. I try to do this everyday, but I’m sure you would get results doing this only 2-4 days a week. I recomend everyday.Eat 1500 calories a day and drink 8 glasses of water daily.You will lose weight and tone up!I’ve lost 6 pounds and I’ve only been doing it for a week!You can do it! i know you can!You will be sore. and it will hurt but you can do it.Don’t be scared to add more excercises of more reps.Hope this works for you!
weight loss read details please, thank you?
Q: what is the best way to lose fat? and please give me details because i have no idea how to do it besides exercizeing, but i cant exercize because im constantly working 12 hour shifts i have no time nor the energy to exercize, thank you
A: Okay, I’ll give you my little secret in losing weight without really exercising much.But I want to tell you – exercising IS necessary. Try to take bus/train (DO NOT SIT!) or walk to and from work. If your work involves a lot of moving, that’s good. If it’s all sitting – get up a lot, stretch and walk around as much as you can, and keep moving although you’re sitting down like twisting your ankles, holding your arms in the air, twisting your waist – and whatevernot.Okay, here it goes. As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water (preferably with apple vinegar and honey) or just eat an apple. Oatmeal is really good meal because it stays in your stomach for a long time and therefore, you won’t be hungry for a long time. It’s also healthy!!! Maybe you’ll be able to jog around before you get ready for work. At work, drink ALOT of water/tea as much as 8-10 cups a day. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT eat fast food… or junk food. If you are too busy to get a healthy meal – oatmeal; this thing I drink called sengsik? (sorry, forgot the spelling, it’s a korean vegetable protein meal replacement powder you could mix with water/soy milk) is a quick meal. But perhaps you could make a healthy meal for yourself like chicken breasts…or buy a canned sardine in local supermarket (good source of protein) and eat with steamed vegetables preferably organic. Oh yeah, do not drink anything but water or tea!! Green tea is good but Oolong (also spelled Wulong) is really good for your digestive system/metabolism.Finally, laugh a lot. This may sound stupid but studies show that laughing could actually help you become healthier and lose weight even! 🙂 At home, don’t wear lose t-shirts and comfy pants. try wearing tighter things… i also heard that wearing baggier things might trick your brain to forget that you want to lose weight!!!My hand hurts, if you email me, I’ll try to find out more information (from my sister who is a diet freak) hehe. :)Good luck!
I’m stupid and don’t know how to lose weight?
Q: HiI’m too lazy to exercize, and I don’t want to stop eating junk food.I love cheese, and butter and bologna sandwiches. I especially like pasta dishes with just tons of chees and butter.I’d rather watch tv and be on the computer than take a walk or go to the gymI have workout equipment in the basement, but its too cold for me, and I’m really lazyi know that weight loss is a $10 billion a year industry, and that the best way is to Eat Less, and Exercize More, but I’m stupid and lazy and want a different answer.I know about frutis and veggies, but I think they taste bad.I know how that my metabolism needs to be jump started, but I would much rather stay on the couch and stare the television.I heard that YA can tell me how to lose weight without putting out any effort and that there are answers here that the real world won’t tell me????What is the REAL answer to weight loss— the one where I can just wake up skinny with zero effort and a twinkie hanging out of my mouth??OhAnd I know that there are a hundred successfull diet plans out there.. all of which work if you stick to them, but I’m too lazy and confused to pick one and stick to it. I don’t think motivation and perserverance are easy enough to do.
A: Hey –Well this is either #1 really funny or #2 really sad …#1 This is a funny satire on all the questions asked here about how to lose weight etc. etc.#2 You really are serious and think you can become healthier by doing nothing to change your habits.I’m really hoping that #1 is the correct one — and thanks for the laugh !!
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